We need to be cautious over travel - Culture Secretary

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says the Government is "cautious" over the resumption of non-essential international travel, as many European countries are currently battling a third wave of coronavirus infections.

Video Transcript

OLIVER DOWDEN: Clearly, there are challenges around international travel. You only have to look across the continent and see the rising case rates in many of our nearest neighbors. It has been in the past the case that those rising infection rates have seen their way through to the UK. We're hopeful that won't happen this time around because of our progress with the vaccine and so on.

But we do need to be cautious about that. That is-- that is why we are just-- we've-- we've got this review. We're looking at it carefully, and you'll get the results of that at the beginning of next month.

Many areas of our national life, for example, theaters or large sporting events, still don't remain viable. And it's really essential that we get to the point whereby those things can operate viably, commercially. And that means some further easing of restrictions.

That's why we've said by stage four, we'll look to remove as many of those restrictions as we possibly can. We're looking at all sorts of factors. So for example, ventilation. We're looking at behavior. We're looking at the spread risk. So we're testing before and after.

But it's also important that as part of that, we consider the role that COVID certification might play. Now, that work is being led by my colleague, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. And it's an important factor that we need to consider as part of this.