CB2's Holiday Collection Features Luxe Decor That Instantly Glamorizes Your Home

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I am one of those people who truly does believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I love jamming to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" while hanging ornaments on the tree and baking a batch of my favorite Christmas cookies. But to be honest, I usually steer away from the traditional Christmas color scheme of green and red and the typical farmhouse decor. I just prefer different colors (my favorite is pink!) and more modern holiday decorations. Not only does it suit my style, but also I find that I can leave my decor up through winter. (Yes, I've been known to leave my decorations up well into January.) If you're like me or want to try out a new style this year, CB2's holiday collection is perfect. It features ornate items in gorgeous shades and luxurious finishes that will add elegance to your space.

You can browse the entire collection on the CB2 website, and here, you'll find seven beautiful items to help you start shopping. This list features ornaments, mantel decor, a stocking, a wreath, and an artificial Christmas tree that will transform your home for the holidays. Yes, there is still time before December 25, but with a shortage of decor, among other things, this year, you'll want to start your shopping now.

Radiant Metallic Ball Ornaments

Trim your tree with this set of six illustrious bulbs. Each pack comes with a set of 3-inch glass bulbs in the shade: bronze, champagne, gold, olive, silver, and thistle. Add a gilded star on top of three for a super shiny Tannenbaum.

Intermix Metal Trees

These glassy trees will look gorgeous displayed on your holiday mantel. The larger gold one measures 6 X 6 X 20 inches, and the smaller silver version is 5 X 5 X 16 inches. If your brass starts to show wear, simply polish the piece to restore its illustrious shine.

Flake Olive Velvet Stocking

Your holiday visitors will be green with envy when they spy this luxe stocking hanging on your fireplace. The sock measures 6.5 X 21 inches and is dry-clean only. Pair it with a tree skirt in the same shade for a (tastefully) matching display.

White Marble Stocking Holder

When you have stockings, you're going to need stocking holders. This version comes in two options that both measure 5 X 3.5 X inches. The black marble has a black metal piece for the hook, and the white marble has a gold metal piece for the hook. One reviewer gives their holders a 5-star review and writes, "This very heavy piece is GORGEOUS! High quality, the marble is very pretty." Another 5-star reviewer raves, "The marble stocking holders are impressive! They look amazing on my mantel!"

Brass Star Garland

Another Christmas mantel must-have is this starry garland that comes in two shades: brass and nickel. It features 12, 3-inch stars strung on a 74-inch wire. It will perfectly complement the star sitting on top of your Christmas tree.

Marble Bone China Wreath

Traditional Christmas wreaths are always festive, but if you already have an evergreen hanging on your front door, try adding a unique version to another place in your home. Plus, it will encourage peace on earth, or at the very least, peace in your home during the holidays! It's made of fine bone china and is 12 inches in diameter. Don't forget to pair it with a matching ornament to really bring the peace. One buyer who gives the wreath a 5-star review writes, "This item is incredible, truly a work of art to any decor." Another pleased purchaser rates the wreath 5 out of 5 stars and notes, "Don't think twice... Buy It"

Faux Champagne Pre-Lit Tree

Make sure you snag an artificial Christmas tree before they sell out; this champagne-colored option is a stunning choice. The Tannenbaum comes in two sizes, 4 feet with 200 LED lights and 7.5 feet with 500 LED lights. Whether you have a small apartment or a large living room, you can have a perfectly sized tree for your space.

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