CBS 11's Weather Radar Just Got High-Tech Upgrade

Meteorologist Jeff Ray explains.

Video Transcript

- And speaking of storms, here at the CBS 11 Weather Center we have many tools here that are available to track these storms as they moved in-- keep you and your family safe. And that includes our own radar, which recently got a high-tech upgrade. Our Texas weather expert, Meteorologist Jeff Ray, shows us how we'll help get you valuable information to you as these storms move in.

JEFF RAY: For the last 18 years, the CBS 11 Doppler radar has served as sentry to the Metroplex Southwest gate, alerting North Texans to severe weather moving into our area. Our radar is sighted to work in collaboration with the National Weather Service radar located at Sphinx airport in South Tarrant County. Many of our storms come in from the South and Southwest.

Radars have an inherent blind spot. They cannot see the storms when they are very close to them. This cone of silence is because radars look along the horizon-- not directly up. When storms are coming up from the South or Southwest, CBS 11 Doppler radar can track them at a crucial time-- just as they are entering the core of the Metroplex and are temporarily blind to the NWS radar.

Our radar has gone through several generations as computing power and technology advances. Last fall, the radar in its biggest upgrade yet-- a nearly complete overhaul. Our engineers assisted the install of a new dome, pedestal, and next generation transmitter. The radar is now faster, more accurate, and flexible on how it looks at the interior of storms. We can see rotation early on as well as spot potential downbursts.

The CBS 11 Doppler radar is one of a kind in North Texas, using C-band technology to see storms in the highest detail-- an important tool to help us protect you. I'm CBS 11 Meteorologist Jeff Ray.

SCOTT PADGETT: And Jeff, along with myself, Anne Elise Parks, Erin Moran-- we all utilize that radar. And we will have that radar up and running as we go through the overnight hours tracking these storms. Stay with us here at CBS 11 we are your Texas weather expert. So Ken, a very powerful tool at our fingertips.

KEN MOLESTINA: Yeah, to say the least, I mean that is top-notch equipment, Scott, to get that job done. We're so thankful we have that.