CBS 2 Remembers Bob Wallace

The beloved CBS 2 Emmy-winning reporter and anchor passed away. He was 80 years old.

Video Transcript

- Today, we are remembering one of our own. For more than two decades, Bob Wallace brought CBS 2 viewers along on his adventures.

- That he did. Today, we learned the longtime anchor and reporter passed away. He could tell a story unlike anyone else. Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments with Bob.

- Bob Wallace is going to put that claim to the test today as we find out "Where's Wallace?" Bob?

BOB WALLACE: Oh, I got to tell you this feels terrific.



Say hello to Bill.


Say hello to Walter.


There's one little rope between me and oblivion.

This is kind of fun. This is live television going down the hill. And if you can stop, we've got the ski school here.

What's it like to be a Shannon Rover on St. Patrick's Day?


(SINGING) Ain't that a shame? My tears fell like rain.

(SPEAKING) That's close. He twitched my mustache on that one.


OK, let's dance. Oppa.

Keep on walking? Where the hell am I going?

There's a guy in the crowd that asked me to do this.

- No! Oh.

BOB WALLACE: This is like the thing they use in the space program.


In the North Woods, this Is Bob Wallace on the back roads with John Drummond trying to catch the elusive muskie.

This is Bob Wallace at Soldier Field, painting the field.

Well, this is Bob Wallace in Beverly.

This is Bob Wallace at Marshall fields.

This is Bob Wallace out at the OK Turkey Farm on Waterman, on the back roads.

This is Bob Wallace at Bixby in Carruthers showing off his suspenders for Channel 2 News. Hey, Lester, you got yours on?

- Indeed I do.

BOB WALLACE: (SINGING) Bum bum bum bum-bum bum-bum, bah.


- Bob Wallace signing off. The award winning storyteller, Mr. Wallace was 80 years old.