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MEKIALAYA WHITE: We're covering Colorado First on CBS4 News. Hello, I'm Mekialaya White. The state is reporting 1,455 additional cases of COVID-19. Our positivity rate is close to 6%. Now the number of people hospitalized is also up again now, 417 statewide. Centura Health is no longer offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at its mass vaccination clinics. Yesterday at the site in Colorado Springs, a sign read, "J&J vaccine canceled, but keep your appointment and get Pfizer."

The vaccine switch comes after 11 people reported adverse effects. That's after they got the J&J vaccine last Wednesday in Commerce City. Now there's also another reason for the switch.

- Why are you halting the use of Johnson & Johnson at the mass sites?

- We are shifting to Moderna and Pfizer at our mass vaccination sites because of a shortage of the J&J vaccine and because of the incident that happened at Dick's Sporting Good Parks earlier.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: And there were no reports of any adverse reactions yesterday. Centura indicated it will continue to use the J&J vaccine at clinics and doctors' offices.

The state COVID dial ends this week, which means local counties can control their restrictions. Tr-County health says it plans to keep a simplified version in place. This is what the current COVID dial looks like. Check it out on your screen here.

On Friday, Tri-County issued a public order to extend the guidance after it expires. With the case is going and in limited vaccine supply, Tri-County thinks it's important to stay cautious for a brief extension of time. That's until vaccines are more widely available. The Department serves Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties.

Now meanwhile, Douglas County wants to opt out of the public health order extending that dial. The Doug-Co Board of Commissioners says in part, quote, "They will remain nimble and continue to monitor COVID data trends daily. They will discuss the option at a county commissioner meeting on Tuesday."

Denver Public Schools intends to end remote learning for some teachers before the end of the month. That's according to a letter from the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. Up until now, DPS teachers with a high risk family member or have child care issues have been allowed to work from home and according to that letter those teachers will be required to work in person the week of April 26th. The change will not affect teachers who are high risk themselves. Now we have reached out to DPS for comment. We'll update you when we learn more.

We have more information on these stories and all the latest headlines on our free 24 hour streaming service, CBS in Denver. You'll find us on your favorite streaming device. And here is Chris with Colorado's First Weather.

CHRIS SPEARS: Oh well, we have a busy weather week as we look into the future. All starting today. There's a little weather system up here in the northern Rockies pulling out into the Hi Plains. You'll find some rain and snow in parts of Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming. On the back edge of that is a cold front, and you kind of see right where it's going to be. 50s in Denver and Salt Lake City, but ahead of the front, 80s and 90s, places like Las Vegas, near 80 in Albuquerque, 90 in Phoenix.

It is going to be an unsettled week. This is just the first front of a couple we are expecting to move through. Eastern side of the country, you have a departing storm system. So we do have some showers in and around the Great Lakes, but it's mild. Temperatures in the 50s, so the precipitation's all rain. 80s to 90s across the deep south and parts of Texas. Thunderstorms here across Florida, and some of these storms may be strong too severe. So if you know somebody in Florida, perhaps maybe you're traveling there today, could be a few issues with strong to severe thunderstorms. Also a few storms possible from the Outer Banks of North Carolina through the Tidewater of Virginia and Maryland. That part of the country into parts of Pennsylvania, as well.

Here at home, we mentioned that storm up here along the Canadian border. Another system drops in Tuesday, and it kind of just cuts off from the main flow of the jet stream. We get a blocking pattern in the jet stream flow and this storm is going to sit and spin for several days. You'll see the result in our five day forecast. For today, the cold front coming through the state. Cooler in the northern half but ahead of it, it's still windy and warm. So we have fire weather warnings in the red counties here in southern Colorado.

Here's the temperature map for Sunday. You can see the cold front there. 70s ahead of it, 50s behind it. 50s in the Hi Country 60s to near 70 on the western slope. Here's Denver's five day forecast. We'll stay in the 50s for Monday with precipitation possible late Monday night. And there you go. That cutoff storm we were showing you that's kind of just going to sit and spin for several days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The entire period cool and unsettled with occasional chances for rain and snow. Looks like a little sunshine could return by this time in a week.

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