CBS Boston Is Now Your Home For New England Revolution Soccer

CBS Boston is the new Boston-area television home of the New England Revolution.

Video Transcript

- --are very excited to welcome your new member to our CBS Boston family, the New England Revolution. Sports director Steve Burton joins us now. And Steve, the Revs have such a following, and they are on the rise.

STEVE BURTON: Love this. Absolutely love this. This is perfect timing for us. The Revs were Eastern Conference Finals last year. And they're on track to go even further this season. And we couldn't be happier that we are now the home of the Revs this season. 30 of the 34 matches will be either on TV38 or WBZ starting with their season opener next Saturday right here on WBZ.

Now in announcing the partnership, WBZ and TV38 President and General Manager Mark Lund said earlier, quote, "We are thrilled to be the new home of the New England Revolution. Our partnership will also enable us to bring exclusive content to passionate Revolution fans on CBSN Boston,, and on our social channels. The Kraft family has an incredible history of championships both on the field and in the community, and we look forward to covering all the Revs action in their quest for the MLS Cup." This is big.

Now this is just great news all the way around. So excited to have the Revs with us. And I sat down with Revolution President Brian Bilello at the team's training facility to discuss our new partnership. Love it!

Well, Brian, it's good to know that the Revolution games are now going to be on TV38 and WBZ. How exciting is that?

BRIAN BILLELO: Oh, we're super excited, The Revolution, to be able to bring our games to CBS Boston, to have the games on 38 and WBZ. You know, [? I'm embarrassed. ?] [? Of you ?] guys a little bit. I think you're the best in the entire region at sports. And so to bring that sports expertise to our fans and the Revs is something we're very excited about.

STEVE BURTON: Well, I appreciate that. Now out of all the sports teams in Boston, Revolution may be the next team to bring home the championship.

BRIAN BILLELO: We almost got there last year. We went to the Conference Finals and unfortunately, lost the match. But we feel that we have a stronger team this year than we even had last year. We brought back all of our starters from that match. We added some new players to the team that the fans will get to know when they watch the games. Most of all, it's a really fun, exciting brand of soccer. We have really talented guys. I think we're going to score a lot of goals, create a lot of chances. So if you like fun soccer, if you like a lot of scoring, I think our games are going to be very entertaining this year.

STEVE BURTON: And this is going to be a great partnership. We have the Patriots, and now we have the Revs. Lisa, how sweet is that?

- The family just got more fun. Steve, thanks. And we are really looking forward to this new partnership. And we don't have to wait long for the first game. The Revs are opening this season with a prime time match in Chicago a week from Saturday. That's an 8:30 start on WBZ. And a week after that, April 24, the Revs are going to be playing their home opener against DC United. Fans will be in the stands to cheer them on. That match starts at 8 o'clock. You can watch that on TV 38.