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CBS Los Angeles sports director on Tiger Woods' injuries and recovery

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CBS Los Angeles sports director Jim Hill urged Tiger Woods not to rush his recovery after the 45-year-old golf champion severely injured his legs in a car crash in Southern California on Thursday.

Video Transcript

[? JEFF GLOR: ?] Tiger Woods played golf just one day before today's car accident.

PAT HARVEY: And CBS 2 sports director Jim Hill has a live report for us now. Jim?

JIM HILL: Pat and Jeff, thank you very much. As you just mentioned, Tiger Woods played a round of golf with several celebrities. This was yesterday. And one of those celebrities is former NBA champion Dwyane Wade. As we mentioned, that happened just yesterday when they were out playing.

Now, here's the very latest we have for you right here on the 5 o'clock hour right here on CBS 2. Just hours before Tiger's car accident this morning, Wade had posted video to his Instagram-- look at this, on his Instagram page-- thanking Tiger for the golf lesson on the day before. This past Sunday, Tiger was hosting his annual event at Riviera Country Club, the Genesis Invitational. Tiger had also presented the winner's trophy to Max Homa.

And the interesting thing about it Max Homa, all of his life, he wanted to meet Tiger Woods. And he got it-- he finally got to meet him as Tiger presented him the championship trophy yesterday. Back to you now.

PAT HARVEY: All right, that's just amazing too, Jim. Because we saw the reaction from Homa yesterday from winning and actually getting handed that trophy from Tiger Woods. And he played golf yesterday. Certainly not competitive golf, but he did play. And we understand, Jim, that he is also coming off of what? The fifth surgery? And he was preparing for the Masters, which is just down the road?

JIM HILL: Yes, Pat. Tiger has been riddled with injuries throughout the course of his life. He just had a back surgery just a few weeks ago. But one of the things that people have been telling him-- and if you were to ask me, I would tell him, Tiger, forget about the Masters. Just get healthy. Don't rush to get back, because if you rush to get back, you'll just do more damage to where the operation was.

Tiger has the best surgeons in the world that have operated on him. And I'm sure they are telling him the same thing.

[? JEFF GLOR: ?] Jim, I want to ask you a question. We talked with a doctor in the last hour. He said that this recovery could be a long one for Tiger. But the fact that he's a pro athlete, that's going to be advantageous to his rehab. You being a former pro athlete, tell us about what this brings to the rehab-- the mindset, the athleticism, and the focus that he's going to need.

JIM HILL: Well, the mindset of an athlete when he gets injured and has an operation is, I'm going to get back as fast as I can. But there are several things that you have to remember. You have to remember the kind of operation that you had. You have to remember the age of the athlete. And you have to remember-- you know, like we talked about, he had multiple surgeries today on both his legs, we're told.

There is no telling how long it's going to take for him to get back on and play golf. Forget about golf right now.

[? JEFF GLOR: ?] Yeah.

JIM HILL: Because if you come back too soon, you're going to do even more damage to your body. Get completely healthy before you come back.

PAT HARVEY: That's right, Jim. He's probably going to have to learn to walk again on his legs. So there is that before you even think about picking up a club.