CBS News poll: More New Hampshire GOP primary voters have greater loyalty to Trump than the Republican Party

Catherine Garcia

CBS News conducted a poll of New Hampshire Republicans who voted in Tuesday's primary, and found that a majority feel a greater allegiance to President Trump than the Republican Party.

The results, released Thursday night, show that 55 percent of primary voters chose Trump versus 39 percent who picked the Republican Party.

When asked to share their feelings about the Trump administration, 65 percent said they are "enthusiastic," 24 percent are "satisfied," 6 percent are "dissatisfied," and 5 percent are "angry." Of the primary voters who said they did not want Trump to get the GOP nomination in 2016, 62 percent said they still voted for him in the election. About 1 in 10 cast their ballot on Tuesday for someone other than Trump, with most supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

When asked about Trump's impeachment, a majority of the Republicans said they think it will help him get re-elected. Read more about the poll at CBS News.

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