CBS Sports Jerry Palm predicts where Notre Dame lands in first CFP rankings

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The first edition of the College Football Playoff rankings are set to be announced next Tuesday and many are wondering where their favorite teams will ultimately get ranked. There is still plenty of time until the final CFP rankings are released, but it’s alway good to gauge where a team is that time point in the season.

For the Irish, they have unfortunately had a loss this year, albeit to his No. 5 ranked Cincinnati. Jerry Palm of CBS Sports doesn’t dock them too much for that defeat, as the ranked them No. 9 in his initial projection of the CFP rankings. He, however, wasn’t as kind to the rest of the Irish’s opponents so far this season.

The Fighting Irish have what measure out to be a good schedule because there are horrible teams on it. – Palm

Palm ranks Georgia, Michigan, Alabama and Ohio State in his top four, seemingly showing that the SEC and Big Ten are the top conferences this fall. We are all eagerly awaiting to find out if he is correct in his assessment next week.

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