CBS13 PM News Update - 6/11/21

Here is your extended 7-day forecast!

Video Transcript

- We're going to check of the weather now with Kristine. And we've been spoiled the last couple of days with the temps, so I want to know how long it'll stick around.

KRISTINE HANSON: It's not going to stay for long, so enjoy it. I wish we could throughout the month of June, but you know we have to have some triple digit numbers somewhere. So we'll bring those up. Let's go live outside. It turned out to be a really nice day, beautiful blue skies. We have a few high thin clouds off to the north of us. A little bit of a breeze through Sacramento, but that's it, just a breeze. Temperatures at this hour in the 80s, 81 for Sacramento, 79 degrees in Stockton, Modesto clear skies, 81 degrees and beautiful, and Marysville 84 there. Our relative humidity 21% so comfortable, and dew point with 37. Light southwest wind at 12, not even a wind compared to what we had earlier in the week, and the pressure is falling.

We still have a little bit of a breeze coming in through the Delta. It's 20 miles per hour. Now, it's strengthened over the last hour, and that funnels down into the San Joaquin Valley, where we have 13 and 15 mile per hour winds for Modesto and Stockton. Blustery along the coast, light winds in the foothills, and light winds up in the Sierra. Wind gusts today have been stronger at times up in the Sierra, and along the coast, 25 mile per hour winds there. But overall, clear. You can see just a few high thin clouds to the north of us. And this is still the system, and that's why we've still got a pretty good Delta breeze going. That system will move off to the north and east, and this is the hot weather pattern that we alluded to that is building our direction. Now, wherever that parks-- parks off to the east, our temperatures won't be as hot for as long. But if that migrates off westward, we're going to see a pretty good heat wave in place by the middle of next week.

But still decent tomorrow as you start the weekend. 89 in Manteca, Lodi 88 degrees, up in Woodland 90, 90 in Roseville, 91 degrees in Folsom, Vacaville 88 degrees. Up in the foothills, temperatures will be mild overnight. Tonight, light southeast breeze but 54 degrees. 79 tomorrow for Sonora. And around Auburn, we're looking at a daytime temperature of 85, so temperatures starting to climb to where they should be this time of year. Plumas County, after some very cold temperatures, overnight lows are going to moderate into the 40s and 50s. 82 tomorrow daytime temperature for Quincy, 73 in South Lake Tahoe, 37 still in Truckee but milder temperatures than what we experienced just a couple of days ago with 20s and 30s.

Along the coast should be nice, no fog yet we still have a breeze throughout the afternoon hours. For San Francisco, 55/67. Coastal Valley's still warming, 79 up in Clear Lake, 80 and 88 degrees in Fairfield. So next seven days our temperatures again slightly above average. 91 Saturday, 90 on Sunday, coming down a bit on Monday. By Tuesday 91, and then we settle into some triple digit numbers. These are not exceptionally hot, but we'll be well over 100. We should be 86, so we went from 10 degrees below average to almost 20 degrees above average. And that heat wave is also going to affect the Bay Area where temperatures will be in the 70s. We're going to see 105 in the Foothills. By Thursday and Friday, triple digit numbers, and near 90 degrees in the Sierra. These temperatures well above average for this time of year. It couldn't last forever, Kurtis.