CBS3 Pet Project: Tips For Getting Your Dog To Walk On A Leash

Animal advocate Carol Erickson has tips for getting your dog to walk well on a leash. Plus, some adorable adoptable pets from the PSPCA.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Time now for the CBS3 Pet Project with animal advocate Carol Erickson, the PSPCA, and of course Marvin. I don't know if Fred's there. Maybe he's sleeping in. Good morning guys.

CAROL ERICKSON: Fred's been wandering in and out just so that he can not probably knock this whole little setup I've got here totally on to the floor. But you know, that happens. We want to talk about as the weather gets nicer finally about walking with your dog, because that is the biggest joy in their life is to get outside with you. Get some exercise. And dogs need multiple walks a day. They need to run. They need plenty of exercise, outdoor time, sniff time.

So we asked if anybody had any cute video of walking their dog. And did we ever get a great one. Let me show you Larry walking Utley. Utley, probably he's chasing Utley around a lot. But this dog is walking down Fairmont, look at this, carrying a stick, because Utley loves to walk around carrying sticks. Jan, is this darling or what?

JAN CARABEO: I love a little dog with a big stick, Carol.

CAROL ERICKSON: Absolutely. So they go everywhere, and I think it's wonderful that Larry recognizes that that's what makes his dog happy going out, is to be able to carry something in his mouth. And he accommodates that dog. It may look ridiculous, but to Utley, it is not ridiculous. And to Larry, he recognizes the importance of letting this dog sort of do his own thing. Give them some ability to control a portion of their life, because we control so much of their life. It's better that every chance they get a chance to do something that they want to do.

We've got other videos. This is of my grandson Ben walking Fred on a leash. Fred may be like your dog. He's just awful on a leash if he's got a collar on. Because if he doesn't want to go somewhere, he'll stop, back up and pull right out of the collar. So that's why he is in a harness on a long leash. And just seems to get along very nicely that way. There are other dogs that are absolutely fine, like Marvin. He carries his own leash when we go out on a walk.

So he's someone that, you know, you can tell Marvin to do a lot of things. But Marvin's got ideas of his own as well, and I try and let him do that. So an easy way to walk a dog is the Gentle Leader Head Collar, which goes over their head. You can control even the strongest puller or lunge very, very easily. Also the harness for certain types of dog the Gentle Leader Harness or types like that really, really helps. Do not make your dog get into situations that they don't like. If they don't want to meet other people, that's fine.

They don't have to meet them. If they don't want to meet other dogs, that's fine. If you would like them to, start giving them treats. Carry treats on the walk and treat them as you go. Because that's the way that they'll say, hey, I can pay attention to my owner and get some really delicious things as well. So just-- yeah, works for all of us. So just remember, this is supposed to be their joy and stop yanking on their neck. Very bad on their necks.

All right, let's take a look at some wonderful dogs up for adoption. Pennsylvania SPCA, these dogs are great. I love this dog. This is Shep, black and white chest with tan legs. Now you can find this two-year-old male husky just by scheduling an appointment to see him. You can email This dog is friendly, loves toys, food, other dogs. Just perfect for a loving home. He's only two years old. He came from a shelter that was full. So we would love to fill your heart with this great dog.

And Zane, now look how sweet Zane is. Zane is timid, and he also came from another shelter. And we need this baby who would be your big lapdog to go into a home that is very loving. He's just beautiful, white dog with some tan. He is also a boy. He's two years old, and he would love another social dog to help him sort of show him life, a nice life and also would love that in an owner. And of course, we only want our animals to go to loving families. That said, there is no excuse not to be one. It costs nothing to be loving.

Also Oreo. You want a cat? I love older animals, you know that. 14-year-old female cat perfectly named Oreo, because look. She's sort of like an Oreo cookie, black and white. Super friendly. She would love to be a companion for anybody looking for a great animal. And now next week, any time you've got some great video of your dogs, cats doing something really neat that we ought to see, please send it to us. And Jan, where should they send it?

JAN CARABEO: Right on the bottom of your screen. Write it down folks, I love to see the viewer videos and pictures, they really make my day.

CAROL ERICKSON: Yeah me too. Enjoy the walks everybody. Take plenty of them.

JAN CARABEO: And by the way Carol, I posted on my social media account last week, my cat on a leash. So it's just not dogs. Although that is a whole different topic about getting them to move after their in the leash.

CAROL ERICKSON: You know what? Send some videos in about you walking cats. Everybody who's got a cat on a leash, you're getting outside, getting exercise safely. Do it. Send it.

JAN CARABEO: I'd love to get some tips. All right, Carol. Always good to see you. Thank you.