CBS3 SummerFest: What Memorial Day Means To Jersey Shore-Goers

CSB3 Photojournalist Thomas Gardiner reports.

Video Transcript


JESSICA KARTALIJA: It is a summer fest Friday here at CBS 3. And isn't it gorgeous out there today? Despite the rain at the shore, we're still kicking off the unofficial start to the summer season. This is a live look at Somers Point. It's where Tori is tonight. And, Tor, not the best weather, but I think everybody's still ready for summer and sunny days ahead.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Jess, it doesn't matter. But we've reached this point, right. And what we need to remember is that this summer is just a season, and we've been through so many weird seasons recently that we are just so glad that it is here. And that is why this package coming up that was shot and done by CBS 3 photographer Thomas Gardner, we wanted to showcase the sights and the sounds of summer and really what it's all about. Soaking it in and of course, remembering the true reason for Memorial Day. Take a look.

- I went from Labor Day until this weekend for the summer. Yes, definitely as far as the summer.

- Thiis does officially kick off summer. It's official. So come on to the Jersey Shore.


Memorial Day is a time to take some time out of your busy schedule and your daily lives to remember all the people who have served our country.

- We have many veterans who have taken care of us. And God bless them. Thank you for taking care of us.


- I think this year, people have two years of energy pent up, and they're ready to get out there and have a lot of fun.

- I think of friends, family, the ocean, sunshine, and the beginning of a great season.

- This summer, the beach, the kids kayaking, swimming, paddleboarding.

- People come to Ocean City to relax and enjoy. We wait all year for Memorial Day weekend, 59th Street Beach. And we are very blessed with COVID to have come through all this and be together again.


VITTORIA WOODILL: Oh, it's like that sound washes over you when you hear the ocean, right. It's a beautiful thing. And I think I can speak on behalf of our entire station. We hope everyone has a beautiful summer, a beautiful holiday. And again, remembering that this is only a season. So soak it in. Enjoy every moment. And of course, we thank all those who have served, those with us here, and those that have served previously and no longer with us. So happy Memorial Day, everybody. Really soak it in and live it up.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Yeah. Tori, you nailed it because, Kate, as we go to Kate, the weather is not great, but you're still down the shore, right. And it's a nice weekend.

VITTORIA WOODILL: It doesn't matter.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Yes. Smell the salty air Yeah. Have a good snack. Cake and bathe in that popcorn. Hi, Kate.

- Hi. Tori still needs to hear my impression of her. She's going to watch that later.

VITTORIA WOODILL: I know. I'm so upset I still haven't heard it.

- Nothing's like the real thing, but I did my best. How about take a bath in salt water taffy? Could do that.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Yes, something. You have to do something inside this weekend.