CBS3 SummerFest: Sneak Peek At Philadelphia Flower Show's Beautiful Displays

Vittoria Woodill reports.

Video Transcript

- We're getting a look at some of the beautiful displays at this year's Philadelphia Flower Show. Tori's been running around looking at all them. You had some banana [? pudding ?] last time we were up. What you got now?

VITTORIA WOODILL: Right now, I just have beauty. This is what the Flower Show is all about. These exhibits, the designers, and how they take Mother Nature and express it in such a way where you can experience it, walk through it, and smell it.

And now where we are looking right here, is an exhibit of [? PhET ?] Urbain that has been put on by this incredible, gorgeous, bounty of women. Do we see this gorgeous family?

So short story for everybody at home, the press preview for the Flower Show, I met you all for the first time. And you were all talking about how the challenge with being in an uncontrollable environment was, because it's uncontrollable you had to really think about your design.

But I have to tell you, seeing this in person, do you get awestruck seeing what you've created with such a challenge?

Well we do. However we are awestruck having the opportunity to be here. So we did make a selection of plants that can withstand the rain and the wind. So we didn't have to worry too much about it.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Well Maggie, you've been taking your daughter to the Flower Show ever since they were Ben and Simone's age. And they're your kids, right? So this must be just like such a full circle moment for the whole family?

- It is, it really is.

- Yeah, dreams come true. for sure.

- Yeah.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Dreams come true. Seeing it through your eyes now as an adult, and then now, I could imagine, as the eyes of your children, what does this feel like to be standing in front of your art here at this moment?

- I mean, I don't really have words. We've been coming since we were kids and we had dreamed about being a part of it since I was Simone's age like you said. And the last few years we were involved in the press release. And we'd hoped that we'd be able to exhibit. So it's amazing to be actually here and exhibiting for the first time.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Fabulous. From your kids to you, what do you hope they look at this and see and learn about life and where it could take you?

- I hope it's inspiring for them. But most importantly, yeah, that they can do whatever they--

- --they want. That dreams can come true.

- Absolutely. They put their mind to and their desire, and follow it.

VITTORIA WOODILL: There you go. Well, and I know that the rain may not have been great for everybody walking. But I don't know, it hasn't stopped the smiles, and it's making the flowers bloom even better and grow.

So, get to the Flower Show, check out this incredible exhibit, the many exhibits. And just keep in mind of the incredible, beautiful people and artists that are behind all of these wonderful creations. It's incredible, you guys. To your beautiful family, congratulations. Thank you, thank you. Stay tuned, more Flower Show fun on the way.

- Oh, absolutely beautiful. Tori, thank you. And the Flower Show runs tomorrow through Sunday, June 13. For full details on times, parking, everything, take a good look at