CBS4 Exclusive: Southwest Ranches Mansion Owner Says Couple Tried To Have Wedding There Without His Knowledge

CBS4's Brooke Shafer spoke with Nathan Finkel about the "pretty strange" ordeal.

Video Transcript

- Now all new at 6:00, new details on the story that's gone viral about a couple who attempted to hold a wedding at a glamorous mansion in Southwest Ranches that they did not own.

- Well, tonight, we're hearing from the astonished homeowner, who spoke exclusively to CBS 4's Brooke Shafer.

BROOKE SHAFER: Tucked away behind this gate in Southwest Ranches, a dream mansion for a dream wedding. The only problem--

NATHAN FINKEL: I have people trespassing on my property.

BROOKE SHAFER: --no one told the guy who owns the house.

NATHAN FINKEL: They say they're having a wedding here, they were getting married here, and they had all these people coming and caterers and everything.

BROOKE SHAFER: Nathan Finkel spoke exclusively with CBS 4 about that strange morning that's now gotten national attention. He said on the morning of April 17, he started getting phone calls-- about seven of them.

NATHAN FINKEL: Well, I guess phone calls from the wife as she was at the gate and needed to get in with people to set up.

BROOKE SHAFER: Eventually, he recognized the name of the groom, a man he says toured his on the market mansion about a year earlier.

NATHAN FINKEL: They wanted to buy the house. They looked at the house. And they looked at it again and again and again, brought his family, brought his kids.

BROOKE SHAFER: The sprawling Victorian style mansion has 9 beds and 11 and 1/2 baths complete with a bowling alley and a movie theater. It would be the perfect backdrop for tying the knot. This couple certainly thought so. Finkel said they even sent out invitations with his address on them. Davey police came and spoke with the two people at the gate. Finkel told us he never saw the wedding party, but he did get a couple of presents in the mail and this reason from the happy couple.

NATHAN FINKEL: Say they're having a wedding here and it's God's message. I don't know what's going on.

BROOKE SHAFER: Police tell me when they came here and asked those people to leave, they did. There wasn't any trouble. No one was arrested. And no one will be facing any charges. In Southwest Ranches, I'm Brooke Shafer, CBS 4 News.