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CBS4 News Update 03.28.21

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Video Transcript

JUSTIN ADAMS: We're Covering Colorado First on CBS4 News. Thanks for joining us. I'm Justin Adams. People across Colorado are showing their support through silence. Photos with the hashtag #BoulderStrong are flooding social media. It's part of an ongoing memorial to the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder called Ten Together. The city of Boulder is asking people to step outside at 8 clock, light a candle, and take 10 minutes to reflect on the lives that were lost. Organizers hope people will do this for the next nine nights.

The latest memorial to honor the victims of Monday's shooting took place at Rocky Mountain Christian Church. The gathering brought out community members looking to pay respects to the 10 lives lost inside the King Soopers on Monday. There were even wives of police officers, and at least one member of the police team that responded to the call of shots fired.

- We wanted them to be able to turn on their TV and see that there's other police wives out here, and that we are surrounding you.

- Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for the support you've shown us, Eric's family, and all of the victims in this.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Throughout the service with music and prayers, the community showed support for Officer Eric Talley and all first responders. The memorial service for Officer Eric Talley is on Tuesday at the Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette. It's open to the public, but space will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will carry it live on CBSN Denver.

The Boulder Running Company is one of several companies finding ways to help the victims' families. These shoes were designed to be sold at last year's Bolder Boulder, but COVID canceled the festivities. The company decided to take all those unsold shoes and release them on Friday. 100% of the profits will go to the Colorado Healing Fund. The Boulder Running Company also created a virtual running challenge. The public can sign up for free. And for every mile run or walked, the company will donate $1 to the Colorado Healing Fund. We have a link to sign up on our website at CBSDenver.com.

The Red Rocks Sunrise Service for next weekend will be virtual again this year. The decision was made yesterday. The Colorado Council of Churches decided to hold off having crowds come out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That video will post next week at about 6:00 in the morning. You can find it at COChurches.org.

We have more information on all these stories and our latest headlines on our free 24-hour streaming news service, CBSN Denver. You'll find us on your favorite streaming device. Here's Callie with Colorado's First weather.

CALLIE ZANANDRIE: Well Justin, if you liked yesterday's weather, you'll like today just as much. A ridge of high pressure is going to dominate our weather today into tomorrow, bringing very warm temperatures. But then we have an area of low pressure up to our north in Canada. Now this is going to bring a big change our way Monday night into Tuesday. We'll see drastically cooler temperatures, as well as a chance to see some snow throughout the area. Not much accumulation, because this is a very quick mover.

Because of this, we do have a fire weather watch starting Monday afternoon for southwestern Colorado. That's because we could see extremely windy conditions tomorrow as this cold front pushes into the area.

Before we get there, though, enjoy today. Absolutely gorgeous. We'll be in the mid 60s here in the city. Up in the high country, 40s and 50s, and on the western slope, in the mid 40s. And then tonight, it'll be very mild. In the mid 30s here in the Denver Metro area. On the western slope, 41 in Grand Junction.

Taking a look at your FiveDay4Cast-- today, 65, tomorrow, 70. Then that big change comes our way Tuesday-- 39 degrees with a chance for us to see snow, but we rebound quickly. Wednesday, 51, first day of April, 63, and by Easter weekend, we will be in a stretch of 70s. So absolutely gorgeous weather ahead of that next system. Have a great day.

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