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JUSTIN ADAMS: We're covering Colorado First on CBS 4 News. Hello, I'm Justin Adams. Thank you so much for joining us.

Johnson & Johnson has been cleared again for use by the FDA. It was shelved when over a dozen women had side effects, including blood clots. The CDC says the benefits far outweigh the risk. But it would take some time to get the public back on board, including those of color that have low vaccination numbers in our state.

Aurora is pushing for more minorities to get vaccinated. They say they have hundreds of appointments this weekend. There are walk in clinics at the municipal building. They are offering Moderna and Pfizer, but not Johnson & Johnson.

- We don't want to be the trial for that. It's not even just the vaccine that they can trust, but building that trust between us-- the city-- our government and those communities.

JUSTIN ADAMS: We have more information on our website at And today is the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. You can drop off any unwanted or expired pills, inhalers, and even vaping products at any police station in Colorado. That starts up at 10:00 and goes until 2:00 PM.

We have more information on all these stories and all the latest headlines on our free 24 hour streaming news service, CBS Endevour. You'll find us on your favorite streaming device. Here's Chris Spears with Colorado's First weather.

CHRIS SPEARS: Well we have a little bit of a busy weather pattern here in the Western United States. A couple of weather stories going on-- one is a warming trend. It has been hot in the desert Southwest for a while.

And some of that air is now working its way to the North. So 60s, and eventually some 70s, reaching parts of Colorado and Wyoming. There is a new storm off the coast of Washington and Oregon. So it is a little cool and unsettled up that way, and cold enough for some snow in some of the mountains of Montana.

You go to the Eastern side of the country. Boy, oh, boy, is it unsettled. It's cooler than normal for many areas. And it is wet from the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf Coast.

Showers and thunderstorms-- and some of these storms in areas, such as Georgia, the panhandle of Florida-- they may be strong to severe. Look at this-- 90 today in Orlando. 60s and low 70s, as you go from the mid-Atlantic states to New England.

As we move into the week ahead, that storm I was just talking about off the coast of Washington and Oregon, it is going to drop into the Western US and just kind of sit for a couple of days. So starting Tuesday, here in Colorado, our weather will go downhill. And it will be unsettled for a couple of days. You'll see that on the five day forecast. Before that storm gets here, the wind will pick up. So we are expecting it to be breezy Saturday into Saturday night, and just downright windy across the state on Sunday.

And we have a host of fire weather concerns. All of the red-- fire weather warnings. The yellow is a fire weather watch for Sunday. And that does include a large part of our Eastern plains.

Denver has been unusually cool for two consecutive weeks. We have been running below normal for the high temperature. Today, the 24th of April, we have a chance to either be right at normal or just a couple of degrees above. So we may finally be turning this trend around. That means 60s, and even some 70s, on the Eastern plains and Western slope-- mostly 50s in Colorado's High Country.

Denver will get in onto those 70s by Sunday. That will last into Monday. Monday night, cold front comes in.

You could see that front there by Tuesday. We barely make it to 50 with a decent chance for some showers-- maybe even a few thunderstorms. And by Wednesday night-- or excuse me, Tuesday night into Wednesday-- a little of that rain could mix with snow.

That's your latest forecast. I'm meteorologist, Chris Spears.

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