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JUSTIN ADAMS: Recovery in Colorado First on CBS 4 News. Thanks for joining us. I'm Justin Adams. The latest fallout from the arrest video of a 73-year-old woman with dementia had three Loveland police officers resigned from the force. Today, a peaceful protest is planned at noon at the Loveland Police Department. This is body cam footage of when Loveland officers arrested 73-year-old Karen Gardner in June of 2020. She was accused of stealing $14 worth of merchandise from a Walmart.

Her attorney says she suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm for the arrest. Another video surfaced this week showing officers processing the arrest. They could be heard laughing about it. The attorney for the 73-year-old said, the woman was left crying in her jail cell for multiple hours without any medical help. Loveland's police chief spoke again yesterday about the arrest.

I share the community's concerns on this. It hurt to see that. I've been in law enforcement 32 years and what I saw in there hurt me personally. We failed, and we are very sorry for that.

Now Morgan Goldsmith, the organizer of the protest, she is seeking justice for Karen Gardner. She's hoping for a good turnout to show police that there needs to be a change so that this does not happen again.

Investigators want to find the person who set this church on fire. It happened in Mesa County on Monday at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. FBI officials say they think it was arson. The church is on Ottley Avenue in Fruita. There is now a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

This weekend marks a massive change for Colorado casinos and betting limits. Those limits, once set by state law, will be set by individual casinos starting today. This comes after Amendment 77 was approved by voters across the state last fall. The amendment will also allow for higher limits and more types of Casino games. There is hope that increased limits will generate excitement and help Colorado's betting towns recover after a tough year due to the pandemic.

We have more information on all these stories and all the latest headlines on our free 24-hour streaming news service CBSN Denver. You'll find us on your favorite streaming device. Here's Chris Spears with Colorado's First Weather.

CHRIS SPEARS: Well, we're watching a weather change taking place as we speak here in the Western United States. It's in the form of a cold front way back in the Pacific Northwest, but that will come through Colorado by tomorrow. Out ahead of it, look at the warmth. 80s from Denver to Albuquerque. We could see some triple digits today in Arizona, if you can believe that. Not too far away. In Las Vegas, but Butte, a thunderstorm possible in the 60s. That is what is going to be coming to Colorado for your Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Texas today, some showers and thunderstorms there. We're in the 70s, maybe near 90 in parts of Florida. We have pleasant 60s from D.C. to Boston, and 70s and 80s in the Great Lakes with the potential for a stray shower. Here at home, mainly 70s and our mountain communities today. Once you hit about 9,500 feet and higher, you'll see 60s. 80s on the western slope and on the Eastern plains, and a couple of 90s there in the Arkansas River Valley.

Here's that storm system. The cold front will be moving through Colorado as we progress into your day on Sunday, and then by Monday, we'll be behind the front and into about a 24-hour window, which is pretty high chances for rain and snow across the state ahead of the storm. It turns breezy by this afternoon, so we have red flag warnings, parts of the southeastern plains and western slope, and that is because of what you see there. The warm westerly winds, low humidity, and the very warm temperatures.

Then tomorrow night into Monday, once the front goes by, snow levels in the high country come down. We may see pretty heavy snow above 9,000 feet. 7 to 14 inches possible there. And as if it's not busy enough, we also need to talk about severe weather with tomorrow's storm system. From just East of Denver onto the plains, we could see a couple of strong to severe thunderstorms. So Sunday is going to be a very busy weather day here. 7:00 AM Sunday, that front races into the state. It'll kick up some showers and storms on the front range. Those will pull off on to the plains and then Sunday night into Monday, widespread rain and snow developing across the high country, and on the I-25 corridor, snow levels may come as low as 6,500 feet by Monday morning.

Here's Denver's five-day forecast. 85 today, 64 Sunday, 46 with a chilly rain on Monday. We'll start to clear out and warm up a little bit Tuesday into Wednesday. That's your latest forecast. I'm meteorologist Chris Spears.

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