CBS4 News Morning Headlines 6/11/2021

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MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: Good morning, South Florida. I'm Marybel Rodriguez.

FRANCES WANG: And I'm Frances Wang. Here's a look at some of your Friday morning headlines. A deadly shooting in Royal Palm Beach leaves one family asking why. A man fatally shot a woman and child at a Publix in Royal Palm Beach. One victim a grandmother, the other her, grandson, who would have turned two years old in just a few days. The third is the gunman who deputies say killed himself. Deputies had implied they were working on the assumption that all three knew each other, but the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says they have more to investigate, they have no known motive and no reason to believe the gunman knew the victims.

This morning an officer remains in the hospital after being run over. Here's what we know, the trouble began with a hit and run. The cars involved ended up in a parking lot at 170 Second and Biscayne. A police officer was here for an unrelated case and was flagged down. When the officer got out of his car, investigators say the woman driving the red car tried to get away. According to police that officer suffered injuries in his midsection and lower body and remains in critical condition. The woman is also being checked out at the hospital.

President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson the leaders of Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Japan kick off their G7 summit today in the UK. The president has said he intends to strengthen alliances that were tested, during the former president's time in the White House. On his European trip, Biden pledged the US will donate half a billion Pfizer vaccine doses to more than 90 nations around the world. Lawmakers are demanding answers after a House Intelligence Committee official says the Trump era Justice Department tried to get private information about Democrats on the panel.

Reports say the DOJ subpoenaed Apple for their account data and for data from their families and staffs. The Department was reportedly trying to figure out who leaked information to journalists about contacts between Russia and the Trump associates. Apple the Justice Department and former Attorney General, William Barr, declined to comment on the accusations. And that's a look at some of your morning headlines. Make sure to join us later for CBS4 News at noon. And get updates any time on