Sunday Night Weather 5-16-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Sunday night weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- And it was a great day for a ride today. CBS 4 meteorologist, Dave Warren, joining us now.

DAVE WARREN: Yes, a little warm, a little breezy, but temperature staying just below the normal high of 87. Or it'd be about 85. We're not completely dry. We don't have a lot of rain to talk about, just a few showers moving with the breeze.

In Miami-Dade, right there, there's the Golden Glades just South of that, crossing over 95 and breaking apart. As it continues to move inland, a few more showers just off the coast, so maybe a brief shower. It's moving right towards Liberty City. There's another little area of rain that we have an on here just South of Homestead.

This continues to cross the upper Keys. Not seeing the rain in the Keys, like it was last night. Things there are relatively dry. Seeing a little more sunshine in the picture here from our camera there in Mallory Square. Pirate ship there.

It looks like a nice sunset shaping up across the area. Now, Future Weather computer picks up the activity, where it is now, and maybe holds together. So possibly could see a brief shower overnight, tonight, pushing a little farther [INAUDIBLE]. Overall, the activity begins to break up just a bit.

You'll wake up to dry conditions, just a bit breezy tomorrow morning, and by mid-afternoon, not much moisture around. It's the wet season beginning yesterday, but not looking like it here for the next few days. Breezy conditions, about 15, 20 miles an hour. These are sustained winds, pretty consistent direction.

These numbers could be increasing this coming week as a breeze really starts to pick up by, say, Wednesday and Thursday. Now with that strong breeze, it keeps the temperatures from dropping too much at nights, so it will be in the mid 70s when you wake up, mid 80s in the afternoon. These are the current temperatures across the area.

Satellite and radar shows exactly what is happening here. Big area of high pressure is just up to the North. This might drift South a bit and actually expand, and that's why it could increase our wind speeds here over the next few days. Now with that strong breeze, we don't see a big increase in moisture.

It's still relatively dry, but enough moisture at the surface. We do get these passing showers across the area, and they're off and on throughout the day here for Monday, Tuesday, and even Wednesday. But by Wednesday, here's the concern. High pressure moves South, and look at the colors here going from yellow to red. That stronger wind increasing, pretty gusty, maybe gusting over 30 knots, and that's a pretty strong breeze by Thursday and Friday.

There's that deep, tropical moisture staying South of the area, so we don't have the drenching thunderstorms that we typically see coming in with the wet season. It's still delayed, but eventually, it'll work its way to the area. East and Northeast, 10 to 15, there's a small craft advisory. A stronger breeze coming in this week.

Our temperature tomorrow will be about 84 degrees as showers blow by. Just a few of them around. Not everybody will see them, and they're in the forecast for much of the week here. Temperatures actually get a little cooler as that wind speed picks up, Wednesday, with that stronger. Breeze gusty showers, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.