Sunday Weather 2-21-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Sunday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Back here, man, we are the envy of the country. No doubt about it.

DAVE WARREN: We are, yes. No question. We see these temperatures today, nice and warm. We have beautiful sunrises. Now if you want to complain a little bit or have a concern, it's a bit of a breeze out there. This is our picture coming in from Thomas Key Colony Beach, where it's a little rough there in the Keys just off the coast. And we have some rough surf in Lauderdale by the Sea. Alex sent us that picture this morning.

Rip current risk is high. Small craft advisory in effect all day today. It will be even stronger, the gusty wind, even stronger today compared to yesterday, but not as strong tomorrow, could be getting a little calmer. Right now, we're seeing the sun peek through those clouds. Temperatures are into the upper 60s. They were in the mid 60s last night. That actually warmed a few degrees here since then as that breeze continues to turn to the east. Brings a few showers through parts of the Florida straits there near the lower keys, but south of the islands, and they're just off the coast.

We have a few showers that continue to move with the breeze across the area. Real time Doppler will stay dry today. Gusty wind though, it's 15 miles an hour, maybe even higher. Occasionally, you get a gust that's near 30 miles an hour. So that's a stronger breeze today and everybody will feel that gusty breeze. Upper 60s. Pretty uniform temperatures right now. They'll climb into the mid 70s here this afternoon. Satellite radar shows high pressure continuing to move over the Carolinas, pushing off the coast. You get that breeze coming down turning to the east, moisture's just to the south. And that's where the showers will stay for now.

Now, we have a little change coming in over the next 24 hours. The high moves out the. Breeze diminishes a bit. It's after today, we start to see moisture coming up from the south. And here comes our next cold front. That's where it is Monday at noon. So it's warming up here. We have temperatures climbing back into the 80s. A few showers developing Monday, Tuesday early, that front right here. It's still a warm day expected on Tuesday. Front pushes through though. We see skies clearing a bit. We still have a chance to hit 80 degrees on Tuesday. But then Tuesday night you'll notice it gets a little cooler and humidity drops.

Climbing into the 80s Monday afternoon. And then the cooler air gets a little closer. But with the sunshine, we see temperatures climbing out of the 70s into the 80s. But yet, the areas shrinking a bit. So it will get a little cooler here this coming week. Small craft advisory in effect today. The strongest wind today with gusts over 30 knots. Building seas rip current risk is high. Not as windy Monday and we start slow improvement. Seas will be getting just a little calmer. Three to six foot seas, it's rough.

And the Bay's surf temperature is 74 degrees, air temperature-- 76 degrees with that gusty breeze. Passing clouds, the gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour. Cold front Monday. Still a little warm on Tuesday but it gets cooler at night. Pleasant sunshine to follow Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So you think this weekend's nice, just wait till the middle of next week. We'll get a little warmer by the--