Sunday Weather 3-28-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Jennifer Correa has your Sunday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JENNIFER CORREA: All right, South Florida, we are not dealing with any rain except for a portion in the Keys, and we'll get to that on the radar in just a second. But temperatures are starting off very warm, mainly in the mid to upper 70s. The breeze is up at 12 miles per hour in Fort Lauderdale and close to that also down in the Keys. So it's not as breezy this morning, but it will become breezier through the afternoon, a 15 to 20 mile per hour wind speed with the winds out of the Southeast.

Now, along that Southeast flow, we do have a few showers, as I mentioned, that are impacting the Keys, and really, it's only marathon, in fact. But most of these showers are very light, and they're quick movers, and it looks like on the tail end of the shower, activity here has come to an end. So I don't think these are going to last too long.

Now, we do have mostly cloudy skies to start off our day. Here is a live view of downtown Miami and the Bay. Now, the clouds here, not producing any rainfall, maybe a stray little sprinkle cannot be ruled out. I know it happened yesterday in the evening, so it could happen anywhere, but other than that, the rain chances, down to a minimum, as we're still under the influence of a lot of dry air, especially, in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Also, high pressure. This is at the surface. Still locked right where we saw it yesterday, basically, over the Western Atlantic, and that's why we're getting the Southeast wind. Now, you notice the rain, even some strong thunderstorms, these yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm watches. They're in effect in parts of Tennessee down into Georgia and Alabama, so this front will continue to track on eastward, and it's going to get into Florida, but not here at home. That front won't be coming through South Florida.

Now, temperatures behind the front are much colder, and then you have the humid and warmer air to the South out ahead of the front, causing the thunderstorms. This is sweeping down into the Southeast today, and by late tonight, arriving into North Florida. It's going to help to cool things down for the northern half of the State by tomorrow, but the southern half, we're still going to be warm. Highs today in the lower 90s for central parts of the Peninsula. For us, in the upper 80s and again, tomorrow. But notice the highs up in the panhandle and in Gainesville, back down into the 70s.

Highs across the area for Broward, Miami-Dade, mid to upper 80s, low 80s down through the Keys, and for boaters out there, small craft operators should exercise with caution. Miami's high today, 86. We're going to keep temperatures hot and even steamy, close to 90 on Thursday.