Sunday Weather 3-21-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Jennifer Correa has your Sunday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

KEITH JONES: All right, back here at home, meteorologist Jennifer Correa joins us now from home. And again, we're two for two. We're in the 60s and even high 50s in some areas right now?

JENNIFER CORREA: Yeah, that's right, Keith. So it's a nice cool start, another beautiful day. And we're expecting mostly dry conditions for today.

And look at this view-- beautiful start to Key West. So the sun is currently still rising, and you notice, if you look closely, only a few clouds in the distance. So we're under clear skies all across South Florida.

The temperature-- Fort Lauderdale is at 59 degrees, nice and cool-- Miami, as well, holding on to the 60-degree mark. 67 in Key West. Key West starting just about the same, as far as the temperature goes, compared to yesterday morning.

So the weather hasn't changed too much for the weekend between the past two days. We did have a cold front that went through Friday, and we're under a rather complicated weather pattern. I'll take a look at that in a second, but I want to show you a close up of these current temperatures in Broward and Day.

Notice Broward-- upper 50s. That's nice. 62 degrees in West Kendall. Even those low 60s-- that's enough to have to wear a light sweater. So if you're waking up early to head out, definitely have a light sweater. And then by this afternoon, you can put it away.

The wind is still mainly out of the North Northwest. And as far as on real-time Doppler, we don't see any rain. This right here-- those are a few showers that will stay over areas of Bimini. And then here-- that's actually not rain. Those are either false returns, or it could be a flock of birds, which is pretty cool.

All right, so where is the rain associated with this low-pressure system? First of all, that low is situated just off the Northeast coast and Space Coast of Florida. But look where all the moisture lies is basically to the north and west of this low, over South Carolina, Georgia, and even parts of Northeastern Florida.

So most of that energy lies there. Why? Because there is this huge amount of dry air, mainly in the mid levels of the atmosphere that is sweeping down south, wrapping around over South Florida, and then the moisture's just getting trapped to the north of the low. So we're honestly under a drier, more stable area of air, even though that low is pretty close to us. So you know-- what rain chances today are pretty slim.

And for boaters out there, do keep in mind the seas are increasing 4 to 6 feet. There's going to be a swell coming off the northeast because of that low, so just keep that in mind. But overall, the bay's at a light chop, and the rip-current risk is high.

Highs today-- 78 degrees. That's comfortable. And then back in the low 80s starting tomorrow.