Sunday Weather 4-11-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Sunday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Back here at home, Dave, are we going to see that stuff coming, sliding this way a little bit later today?

DAVE WARREN: It's getting a little closer. Yes, it is working its way through the panhandle again. We'll see another round of these showers, and storms developing, and pushing a little farther south. That severe weather threat moves a little farther south than it was yesterday.

Right now, here is the current activity. The latest radar loop has these showers and storms just ahead of this cold front. They will continue to push well ahead of the front and move into South Florida.

Here, though, a future computer, this will take us hour by hour throughout the day today, picking up the activity initially up to the north. By about noon to two o'clock, it's through Tampa, really, organizing into a line of strong to even severe storms. Now, between two and four o'clock, it moves a little farther south.

It starts to break up just a bit, but looks like it's between three and five, where it moves into Broward County into Miami-Dade. These are gusty thunderstorms, very heavy rain. Six to seven o'clock, pushing a little farther south there through Miami-Dade into the upper Keys.

After eight o'clock, things begin to wind down just a bit. The front is just to the north. We're really not going to see a big impact with our cool breeze coming in behind. This it's the storms out ahead of it that are impacting our weather today.

Here is this area. It was up here yesterday. It's a little farther south. Last night, this area was a little narrower. It has expanded, so that means that threat for those severe storms could push a little farther south here into parts of Broward County, even as far south as Miami-Dade.

These are not severe storms, just a few showers out there this morning. They're mainly into the upper Keys, and they're winding down right about now. Pretty clear on real time doppler. We're talking about the storms.

You're hearing a lot of the talk about the severe weather coming in. Things are pretty quiet for right now. It is this afternoon and this evening. Temperatures are into the mid 70s.

They should be able to climb up about 10 degrees from here into the mid 80s this afternoon. Breezes turn to the south and will continue to turn to the southwest. It's just about five to 10 miles an hour, but it's still pretty rough along the coast here. We have that high risk of rip currents, and you want to use caution, if you're out on the water today, especially as storms come in a little bit later.

Sun glinting off a few of the buildings there in Miami. As we look off to the west, temperatures are into the upper 70s. In Key West, it is 78 degrees. Cloudy and stormy this morning from Sandra. She sent us that shot in Lauderdale by the sea.

Another one in Lauderdale by the sea. Alex, here, with some rough surf. That rip current risk is high. What to expect this afternoon and this evening. We have these gusty storms with strong wind gusts.

The storms could be strong to severe, even have some small hail. Flooding possible, especially in some poor drainage areas. 88 degrees there with these strong thunderstorms and gusty downpours. Overnight, tonight, we'll see the storms end, showers linger.

Just a few showers could be around tonight. 73 degrees. There is our marine forecast. Use caution, especially as these storms develop this afternoon. A few more storms around tomorrow. Then we dry out, and we're still pretty warm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Keith, let's go back to you.