Sunday Weather 4-18-21

CBS4 Meteorologist Jennifer Correa has your Sunday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Check in with meteorologist Jennifer Correa and see how things are going to shape up later today. Another one-- it's going to be another hot one. Flirting with records?

JENNIFER CORREA: Another-- yes, another hot one, Keith. Flirting with the record highs. The highs yesterday in Miami reached 90 degrees. And again, expected to reach the low 90s by this afternoon.

Let's start off, though, with a beautiful sunrise photo. It's a warm morning out at Hollywood Broadwalk. And Neil Spanier out there taking a lovely photo of that sun right over the ocean. And look at this bay. There's a live view of Biscayne Bay out of the Rusty Pelican camera. Notice a couple of clouds moving through the area. But that bay looks so nice and smooth, almost like glass. Or like a mirror, and the buildings just reflecting off of it.

Now, I mentioned the clouds. You could see them in that live view. But you could also see some showers. They're very small, they're light sprinkles and drizzles developing in a few of those clouds near Ocean Reef and near Biscayne Bay, the southern end at least, and over the 18-Mile Stretch. So there could be a light drizzle this morning for areas of southwest Dade.

Otherwise, it is going to stay mostly dry today on the radar. But it will feel humid. That humidity going up throughout the rest of the morning. The temperature right now in Key West, 79 degrees. That is the warm spot. The wind very light out there, mainly out of the southwest.

So near-record heat today as we have a forecast high of 92 degrees. That record is 93, which was set last year, in 2020. That average, this is pretty impressive. This is the normal for this time of year-- 83 degrees.

Now, heat indices are expected to be between 95 to up to 100 degrees out there. This is a forecast model of those feels like temperatures, which is a heat index. And take-- check it out. By 3:00 PM in Miami, feeling like the triple digits.

All right, there is rain in North Florida. And this is all due to a stalled boundary. This is going to bring some heavy rainfall throughout today over the Panhandle and then slowly make its way down into the Tampa Bay Area, Central Florida throughout today and into-- as we head into tomorrow. But we're going to keep things mainly dry.

Eventually though, because of this moisture getting a little closer and closer to us, by later Monday, late evening, but especially on Tuesday, that's when we expect the rain chances to increase a bit more as an area of low pressure develops along that stalled boundary and brings in a front from the Gulf of Mexico.

Back to today's marine forecast, no advisories out there. The seas at two feet. Highs today, again, 92 degrees. And taking a look at that seven-day forecast, we're going to keep things quite steamy in the upper 80s Monday, Tuesday. Close to the 90s even Wednesday. And then finally, a little closer to normal for this time of year on Thursday.