Weather 2-17-21 5PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Wednesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: All right, let's get an update on our weather from Craig Setzer, who's been promising some cooler temperatures a little later in the week. Right, Craig?

CRAIG SETZER: Yeah, a little later in the week. First off though, the storm system that is bringing the snow to the middle of the country is going to be the system that does push that cold front through Friday night. Until then though, it's going to stay warm and humid. You can see right now the snow just on the outskirts of Dallas there, but coming on in to parts of Arkansas, as well as Missouri and Illinois. And this is snow on top of snow that's already fallen in the deep South there. System is going to be moving its way to the Northeast in the coming days.

In terms of temperatures, they're warming up. And I say warming up, look at that. It's warmed up to 9 in Minneapolis, warmed up to 23 in Kansas City. Just a few days ago, all these folks were well below 0, so that's relative. And a lot of folks, when it it's been that cold, will go out in short sleeved shirts when it gets into the 30s. Hard to believe, huh? 39 in Houston, good news there. Almost above freezing in Dallas.

But that cold air is going to come through South Florida as a cold front Friday night. Not going to be that cold, but it is going to cool us off out of the 80s. Here's the radar today. What a difference a day makes. Remember yesterday, we had all those thunderstorms over Miami-Dade and Broward and parts of the Keys. Now as promised, all the activity has been pushed back to the Northwest inland up around the lake there and over the Everglades.

And we're looking good until the front comes through, and then we'll see a chance for showers with the front later on Friday. Windjammer Resort camera this afternoon looking very warm and humid. 80 in Miami, 81 Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Key West. Stickiness scale's a 7. Humidity at 76%, south southeast breeze at 14. Had a little bit of shower activity overnight, but thankfully, the thunderstorms didn't reappear and march on through.

Current temperatures right around 80 degrees. The breeze out of the South, Southeast anywhere from about 12 to 16 miles an hour. And the satellite map showing just a few clouds popping up as the activity moved inland today and continues to move on to the north. Overall, the moisture is draped across northern Florida. That is staying away from us.

But moisture to our west will be coming our way. We stay warm through tomorrow. No changes, temperatures in the mid 80s for highs, Friday as well, mid to upper 80s. And then a chance for showers. And here comes the Friday night cold front through. Temperatures in the low 60s Saturday morning in the low to mid 70s Saturday, and by Sunday, mid 70s for highs. So a break from all the warmth of late.

Here's our forecast for tonight. Mild and muggy. Breezy along the beaches, the low in the mid 70s. For tomorrow, look for a mix of sun and clouds. High temperature in the mid 80s, but very warm and humid. And rain chance is pretty low. On the water, wind southeast at 15 to 20. Seas running three to five feet of moderate chop on the bays. Through the rest of the week into the weekend, mid 80s for highs, overnight lows in the mid 70s. And then look at the weekend. We flip from our overnight lows to our daytime highs. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the 60s, a refreshing break for the weekend. Back to you.