Weather 2-22-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Monday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now, CBS 4 weather with chief meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, catching the end of the sunset here. About to get a green flash there from our Keys camera this evening. The sun setting later and later each day. And it's a nice evening. 76 in Miami. 77 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. 77 in Key West. Sticking the scales of four, little on the humid side, east southeast breeze at 13.

The humidity went down over the weekend, but it's back up. There's the radar now, showing showers up to our north and west. We had some showers in the lower Keys today, but mostly quiet over the mainland. We may see a stray shower overnight. A little better chance for showers tomorrow. Temperatures in the low 80s today. Low to mid 80s tomorrow. Current readings mainly in the 70s.

And the satellite loop showing just a few showers this morning. Other than that, looking pretty good. Look at this moisture up here to our west and north. That is going to be pushed our way ahead of this fading cold front. It's gonna fade out before it gets here, so no big cool down. Chance for moisture-- chance for showers tomorrow, with the moisture. Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday.

And then as we go into the weekend, it's just warm temperatures and maybe a shower here or there on the breeze. So our forecast for tonight looks like this. A few showers, fairly mild. Low temperature around 70. Normal low for this time of year is around 63. Tomorrow look for sun at times, but pretty warm.

Mid-80s for highs and some spotty showers moving across the area on the water winds. South to southwest, 10 to 15. Seas running two to three feet. A light chop on the bays. And taking us through the rest of the week into the weekend, temperatures are warm in the low to mid 80s. Some spotty showers especially Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Back to you.