Weather 2-23-21 5PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Tuesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- A nice day here.

- Yeah.

- It did rain a little bit earlier today, but then it cleared up. I saw some sunshine, some blue skies. Craig Setzer, is it gonna be more of the same tomorrow? Rain then sun, rain then sun?

CRAIG SETZER: Yeah, exactly. Some rain, some sun, some rain, some sun. Warm temperatures. A little bit above normal humidity.

You know, we're kind of like the frog in the pot now. The water is getting warmer. And for us, well, spring is coming. It's starting to get more and more spring-like. Our cold fronts have disappeared for a while.

Here's our Windjammer Resort Camera this afternoon, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. 78 in Miami. 76 in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood. 75 in Key West. Five on the stickiness scale. It's fairly humid.

An east breeze right now. We had 6/100 inch of rain come in at MIA. Most amounts were pretty light as that band of showers worked its way through this morning. Radar right now showing that not much going on in the Keys. Mostly quiet throughout the Keys chain, except in the far upper Keys, Ocean Reef as well as Elliott Key. Showers there.

And some spotty showers right now in Miami-Dade County, especially near Kendall. That activity has been trying to drift to the west, but it's not moving too quickly. Also, near Palmetto Bay, a little bit of rain there. Broward. We've had a few little showers trying to pop up along the beaches.

The steering winds are trying to push the showers east, but they're trying to develop west. Kind of caught in the middle there. So a spotty shower, stray shower possible as we go through the evening hours.

Temperatures right now, they're mainly in the 70s. We made it into the mid-80s today. Still fairly warm in West Kendall at 81. The breeze has turned more easterly now, anywhere from six to 14 miles an hour. It was southwesterly. That helped heat us up earlier today.

There's the satellite loop. That one band of showers, you can see it passing through during the morning hours there. I'll go through it one more time. There it is right there crossing on through. That's what brought the morning rain.

Bigger picture showing that we're the part of the state with the clouds today. Central and North Florida looking pretty good. Some morning fog in Central Florida. But this band of moisture here associated with this fading front that is now practically over us is going to stick around for one more day.

So tomorrow, some sun, some showers, fairly warm temperatures. And then on Thursday, the moisture retreats. And then we just get into this pattern of a southeast breeze, maybe a shower here or there. Hard to time. Not too widespread.

But warm temperatures. That's through Sunday. So beginning Thursday through Sunday, not much changes. Just kind of a spring-like pattern.

Alberta clipper zipping through the Northeast there, bringing some snow to New York and parts of New England today. Other than that, pretty quiet across the country and definitely warmer. Look at the temperatures compared to a week ago when it was running around 10 to 20 below. It's in the 60s today from Denver through Kansas City and St. Louis. And 70s through much of Texas.

Our forecast for tonight, stray showers. A pleasant night. A low temperature in the upper 60s. Most of those showers will be this evening.

Tomorrow, like today, a mix of sun and clouds. Sun at times. Spotty showers. High temperature near 82 degrees.

On the water, winds east 10 to 15. Seas running two to three feet. Light chop on the bays.

And taking us through the rest of the week, temperatures stay warm. Humidity levels on the high side. And a chance for showers tomorrow. A stray shower possible through the weekend. Back to you.

- Craig, thanks.