Weather 3-16-21 5PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Monday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: Check in with Dave Warren. Nice weather out there. We got more daylight these days, right?

DAVE WARREN: Shifted a little bit, yes. This time of day, more daylight. Sun going down after 7:30 PM now. And we have plenty of sunshine today. And a lot of boaters out there enjoying the calmer conditions, at least for now. Warm with temperatures into the upper 70s and lower 80s. Those are the numbers coming in. The breeze has picked up just a little bit. We have a moderate risk of rip currents, a southeast wind plus swells coming in from the northeast. So little rougher along the coast. But that wind's about 10 to 15 miles an hour.

There are the temperatures right now. Not bad, upper 70s lower 80s right, where we should be this time of year. Nothing on Real Time Doppler. That trend will continue tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day, will go overnight tonight to tomorrow. Temperatures dropping into the mid 70s, keeping it under the rainbow there at 84 degrees tomorrow afternoon. So does get a little warmer. Now a lot's happening here across the Southeast. This is an area we'll continue to monitor. Here from Georgia through Mississippi, Alabama, parts of Tennessee, a storm is developing.

And as this moves east, there will be severe weather, big area of severe weather outbreak here from Arkansas all the way through the southeastern states. You can see the timing of this. This will be tomorrow evening. The Storm Prediction Center has a big area, seeing a moderate risk of severe weather. You often don't see it that high, and a big area of it. So we're continuing to monitor that. Another storm and the showers and storms with that will stay to our north. But we see the breeze turning a bit to the south and even southwest.

This is by Thursday, so it gets even warmer. And this is the cold front that will impact our area on Friday. There may be a few showers, possibly a gusty thunderstorm out ahead of it. A lot of the severe weather threat is staying to our north, going all the way to about Lake Okeechobee. But here, just a passing shower or thunderstorm. Computer forecast even saying we'll be up to near 90 degrees in a few areas. This will be Thursday afternoon, and even another warm day on Friday. Here's what to expect. The front coming through the area on Friday.

So we will see cooler temperatures with that breeze by the weekend. Warms up for St. Patrick's Day. Very warm Thursday. A few showers around, maybe even a gusty thunderstorm on Friday. Cooler breeze coming in on Saturday. And maybe a little cooler there on Sunday. So that is what to expect. South to southeast winds on the water, 10 to 15 knots, 2 to 3 foot seas. Winds might actually be turning to the south, even southwest over the next few days. Temperature tomorrow, 84. That's a warmer breeze out there. Wind south of southeast, 10-15, so 84.

And we get even warmer in the extended forecast. We're up to 86 is there Thursday and Friday. Then we 86 the heat on Saturday as that cold front comes through, the cooler breeze develops. 79 degrees on Saturday. 80 on Sunday. Just a little warmer. And we're right about average. Just warming up a little bit there. Monday and Tuesday, we're back to about 80 degrees. Back to you.