Weather 3-17-21 6PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Wednesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now CBS 4 weather.

DAVE WARREN: Dave Warren in for Craig this evening. Well, the World Meteorological Organization had their naming convention, and didn't happen last year. They retired Dorian. It's now Dexter from 2019. Laura and Leah from 2020-- or Laura is now Leah. That was retired.

And retiring Eta and Iota, but they'll never use the Greek Alphabet again. It was a little confusing. And oftentimes you had Zeta, Eta, Theta. They sounded the same. So they're using one supplemental list should they get to that point. It's A to Z, 21 names. You can look at those names there on our website,

Look at the keys right now with our Keys Camera. Bright sunshine out there, but the concern is here in the Southeast, Alabama, Louisiana, all the way there even into parts of Georgia. We have numerous tornadoes, a few intense or even violent, some long, tracking tornadoes right in this area. That is a high risk of severe weather.

The Storm Prediction Center doesn't issue those often. And this is why. These are individual storms. These are all tornado warnings, even a few there in Mississippi. Severe weather-- severe thunderstorm around Jackson.

This area is to the southeast of this storm, which will continue to track off to the northeast, taking that severe weather threat with it. So tomorrow, it's up here in the Carolinas. Maybe a few storms there in Jacksonville. That risk area does not make it here to South Florida.

But eventually, the front will make it to South Florida. That'll bring in a cooler breeze. Right now, that breeze is out of the southeast about 10 miles an hour. Temperatures still very warm, into the lower 80s. We'll be into the mid 70s here overnight tonight, a pleasant night, mostly clear skies.

Watch the timing of this front. This is 24 hours from now. Thursday to midday Friday, we'll see these showers work through the area. Maybe a gusty thunderstorm, and this is followed by a cooler breeze that comes into the area here this weekend.

Use caution in the Keys. There's 10- to 20-knot winds out of the South. There's 2- to 3-foot seas. There'll be a moderate chop in some of the bays.

86 tomorrow gets even warmer, and another warm day on Friday. But as the front comes through, maybe a little quicker, our temperature could only make it up to about 84. Mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms, cooler breeze on Saturday. Showers will linger both Sunday and Monday. Just doesn't clear out of the area. That's because low pressure develops just off the coast.

And things begin to clear up and temperatures back up to above 80 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Back to you.