Weather 3-18-21 5PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Thursday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Here, it's been pretty nice. Spring just around the corner. Dave Warren, how's it looking for the rest of the weekend already? I'm looking ahead.

DAVE WARREN: No, by the time spring gets here Saturday, the cold front will be here and we'll have some cooler weather moving in. The cold front is all associated with this storm. Yesterday, the severe weather area was here in Alabama.

Now, it's the threat down just a bit, but that area has moved off to the Northeast. One area in Florida here, just the thin little band. This cold front and along this, here around Jacksonville we have seen a few tornado warnings.

It was all with that area of rain that continued to push through. Now the cold front itself will move to the south. By 9:00 tomorrow morning, it is here. Along it, however, we're not expecting the severe weather. We'll just have a few showers developing, maybe an isolated thunderstorm.

Looking like it will come through late morning and early afternoon is when we'll start to see these showers develop. Though they do weaken as they push to the south. One thing that does not weaken is that breeze. Look how clear it gets here across the Florida Peninsula.

Cooler air begins to move south, but we want to watch this area closely. This is not your typical front where it moves through, the dry air moves in, you have bright sunshine and comfortable weather. What is developing here could complicate things a little bit here for the weekend. Want to get through tonight first.

We have the sunshine, the clouds, and the warm breeze. Temperatures climbed into the lower 80s. That's where they are right now. They will drop only into the mid-70s here overnight tonight. Here, the numbers across the area.

West Kendall been very warm, up into the upper 80s this afternoon. Now at 84. Everybody from the keys all the way up through Pompano Beach seeing temperatures into the 80s. But look at the breeze out of the South now. It's trying to turn to the southwest, starting to do that a bit there in Naples. And that will be the indication that the front is getting closer.

Moderate risk of rip currents. We have a small craft advisory that is in effect till about 8:00 tonight. Might get a little lull with the breeze before things really start to pick up this weekend. So possibly a better beach day tomorrow, or boating weather. But then it goes downhill this weekend.

Temperatures will be climbing into the 80s here. The satellite radar shows that big area of low pressure. And again, that front, which will be pushing through the area. Now, this will become an area of low pressure. So from Saturday to Sunday, the front kind of takes on this shape.

Really starting to see the wind pick up. The breeze is still out of the north, so it could actually be getting a little cooler by Sunday morning as temperatures drop into the 50s, 60s there along the coast. Another thing that will be happening is that breeze, which is pretty strong just to the north. That'll create some rough surf, those swells work their way down the coast.

So rougher seas expected, pretty much late weekend by Monday. Northeast swells four to eight feet, and the seas will be about 6 to 10 feet. Extended forecast as temperatures into the 70s, Saturday, Sunday, Monday they climb back to 80. Lows could be into the 50s. By Tuesday and Wednesday getting warmer, temperatures back above 80 degrees with more sunshine and just a few clouds. Let's go back to you.