Weather 3-24-21 5PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Wednesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- It's hot. It's hot out there. Right, Craig Setzer? How hot did it get?

CRAIG SETZER: Yeah. Yeah, it's hot out there, and it got into the mid-80s today, heading for the upper 80s later this weekend. If you're looking for 90s, you don't have to travel far. They're expected in Central Florida. So this is going to be the place to be, because the water temperature still relatively cool, only in the mid-70s. And so any air coming off the water is also going to be relatively cool that's our Windjammer Resort camera this afternoon. Looking good.

81 in Miami. 81, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood. 80 in Key West. One thing that made it feel hotter today, the stickiness scale came up. It's been a zero, the air has been very dry. It's now a four, little on the humid side, 69% humidity, a southeast breeze at 11. Lows this morning. Say so long to the 50s and low 60s, because we're going to be warmer now. This was our last in a series of morning lows below the normal of 66.

Current temperatures are in the low 80s to mid-80s just about everywhere. Humidities are higher, they've been in the 40% to 50% range. And the breeze picked up out of the southeast, and as promised and expected, that breeze is bringing in the warmth and the humidity.

A few clouds around today, but not much to speak of. Certainly no rainfall, and none in the forecast at all. We're in that dry, dry part of dry season before we get into rainy season and the higher humidities. And typically this time of year, the fire danger starts to go up as well as we get closer to the rainy season. Rain right now, though, across parts of the Deep South, and severe weather is expected once again. Another big round of tornadoes expected for parts of Alabama and Mississippi. But we are looking good in the peninsula, and the only chance for thunderstorms will be up over the panhandle.

Tonight, lows in the 60s to right around 70. Still some 50s in North Florida. Tomorrow, look for a good deal of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the 80s here in South Florida and the Keys. 90s, inland areas. For tomorrow night, not too bad. Still milder, though. The lows well into the low 70s. And then Friday, in fact Saturday and Sunday, 90s through the middle of the peninsula. That includes Orlando and the theme parks, even over on the West Coast. But we're going to stay in the 80s down here in South Florida.

Big storm system in the Northeast bringing some rain there, some snow in the upper Midwest and the southern Rockies. And temperatures are mild over about the Southeast portion of the country. Kind of cool in New England, though. Temperatures in the 40s.

Our forecast for tonight, another pleasant night. A little bit cooler inland. Lows in the low 60s and the low 70s along the coast. For tomorrow, look for a good deal of sunshine and fairly warm temperatures, even warmer than today. Well into the mid-80s. Now the water winds, southeast at 15. Seas running two to four feet. A moderate chop in the bays, and the surf temperature's 76. Taking us through the weekend, it's looking like that 76-degree water is going to be calling lots of folks, because it's going to even get hotter. Back to you.

- Craig, thanks a lot.