Weather 3-25-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Thursday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now CBS 4 weather with Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, nice evening across South Florida. Nice evening across the keys. Our evening sunset sailboat cruises are heading out of the port there.

And Mallory Square looking good right now. Clear skies. It's going to be a good looking sunset, warm one as well.

82 in Miami, 82 Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, 81 in Key West. Stickiness scale is a six. It's coming up there, making it feel like 86 degrees.

Now, we're starting to look at the feels like temperature because once you get enough humidity in the air and temperatures are warm enough, it makes it feel a lot warmer. Southeast breeze at 13. Highs today, everybody in the mid 80s.

We're going to be in the mid-to-upper 80s right through the weekend and into next week. No cold fronts inside a big area. High pressure is right over the top of us. And it's really not going to be moving too much. Temperatures right now feels like lies mainly in the mid-to-upper 80s.

The good news is is that a breeze is out of the Southeast anywhere from 9 to 14 miles an hour. The reason that's good is because the nearby waters are still relatively cool in the mid 70s. So with the wind coming off that air cool, the water cooled air, it's keeping us from getting too warm. Now, if our winds were southwesterly, we would be in the 90s.

And it would just feel that much hotter. So we're in a pretty good situation here. In terms of the satellite loop through the day, mostly clear skies, not much to speak of in terms of clouds over the Southeast. Big area of severe weather outbreaking right now across parts of Mississippi, Alabama as well as Georgia into the Carolinas. For us tonight, lows in the 70s, 60s well to our North and West tomorrow.

It's back into the 80s for South Florida. You can see the effects of the Southeast breeze. Cooler along the coast. Keys looking good.

But 90s right up and down the Peninsula. And for tomorrow night, once again temperatures in the 70s for lows. And on Saturday, it's 80s and 90s again.

If you're looking for 90s, the heat, just head up high four, or rather up to i4 along the turnpike there or take 75 North. And you will find the heat. In terms of the severe weather, it is ongoing. These are the tornado reports so far.

Some of these tornadoes have what we call long track and very destructive tornadoes, a very, very bad situation there tonight in Alabama. Here's our forecast for tonight. Fairly warm, a gentle breeze, a low in the mid '70s.

Tomorrow a repeat of today, but maybe a little bit warmer. Plenty of sun breeze and warm and high temperature, mid to upper 80s. On the water [INAUDIBLE] South East to [INAUDIBLE] to four feet of moderate chop in the bays. And through the weekend into next week, it's looking very, very warm. The warm side of spring and no cool downs in sight. Back to you.