Weather 3-29-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Monday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now, CBS 4 Weather with Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, another warm day, nice evening. Kind of a repeat here of what we saw through the weekend. And really no changes until a cold front comes through. So a couple more days of this-- actually, three more days of this type of weather.

Here's our Keys Camera this evening. Looking pretty good out there. Mostly blue, just a few clouds here or there. Temperatures are comfortably warm. 82 in Miami, 81 Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, 81 in Key West. Stickiness scale is a 5. It's fairly humid, feels like 84 right now. East-southeast breeze at 9 miles an hour.

Feels like temperatures mainly in the mid-80s right now. We made it into the mid-80s for high temperatures as well, and no big changes, once again, expected. Breeze out of the east to southeast, anywhere from about [INAUDIBLE] 9 to 12 miles an hour right now. There's a 14 coming in from Pembroke Pines.

Through the day today, we've seen just a few little showers coming up, especially through the upper Keys. Those faded out, and now just partly cloudy skies. Bigger picture showing that skies are partly cloudy across the state now. The moon was full yesterday, but it's gonna be nearly full tonight, rising in the east, and the moon rise time is 8:50 PM. So any time after about any time about 9:0 o'clock, you should be able to see the Moon off to the East coming up.

In terms of temperatures tonight, we are gonna be lows in the 70s once again. We have a stalled front to our north, not coming any farther south. In fact, this front will retreat as a warm front going northward tomorrow. So temperatures south of the front, mainly 80s to some low 90s.

We'll be in the 80s here in South Florida. And then, tomorrow night's lows in the 70s. And then, on Wednesday, temperatures 80 statewide, but then that cold front over my shoulder there, that's what comes through Thursday night and cools us off for Friday.

Cool day in the Northeast today, but clearing out. Some snow early in the day in New York and New England, but things are looking better now. Much of the country is quiet, with this big front-- you can make out the front right there-- having swept much of the nation clear and got rid of the severe weather, too.

In terms of temperatures, they have really warmed up right in the middle of the country. Temperatures in the 70s all the way to the Canadian border. Minneapolis, 73, 75 in Denver. The Northeast a little bit cool, as well as the Northwest, mostly 50s there.

Here's our forecast for tonight. Bright and warm, bright after about 8:50 PM. Breezy beaches, a low temperature in the mid-70s for tomorrow. Look for a good deal of sunshine. We could see a stray shower. Ocean breeze continues blow, high temperature in the mid-80s.

On the water, winds east-southeast, 15 to 20, seas running 2 to 4 feet of moderate chop on the bays. Surface temperature is 78 taking us through the rest of the week. Three more warm days, and then a chance for some thunderstorms later on Thursday. And then, breezy but cooler, comfortably cooler, for the weekend. Back to you.