Weather 3-30-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Tuesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now CBS 4 Weather with Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, a nice evening, very springlike almost, on the verge of being summerlike. Here's our Keys camera this evening where skies are mostly sunny. And it's going to be a nice sunset this evening. There comes one of the sunset cruise sailing ships out. Enjoy the sunset. 82 in Miami. 81 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. 82 in Key West. 5 on the stickiness scale. It's fairly humid. Humidity has been going up and down and up and down, was a little bit higher this morning. Has come down a bit this afternoon. It feels like 85. East-southeast breeze at 15.

High temperatures today. Everybody in the mid to almost the upper 80s. 81 is the normal. Current feels like temperatures are in the mid 80s right now. Actual thermometer readings are in the low 80s. So gonna be another warm evening, warm night tonight. Breeze out of the east-southeast, anywhere from 10 to 16 miles an hour. That's going to help keep temperatures in the 70s as we go through the night. Satellite loop through the day to day showing not much going on except for this little band of showers that moved onshore in Miami, parts of Southeast Broward during the late morning hours.

Even a waterspout reported near Virginia Key, RSMAS Campus there of the University of Miami. Some folks getting a good sight of that. But it's mostly quiet this evening, except there are still a few of these little streamer clouds to our southeast. And it's going to give us a chance for some showers, just a stray shower overnight or during the day tomorrow. So we're looking warm until this late week cold front comes through. This is the way things look through Thursday. And then Thursday night, boom, cold front comes on through.

Cooler and breezy air comes in, just in time for the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now temperatures are going to be about 10 or more degrees cooler than the mid 80s we've been seeing. But the breeze is going to be picking up and it's going to be coming out of the northeast, which means it's going to pick up some clouds eventually and some showers. So the weekend, it's going to be cooler. But I don't know if it's necessarily going to be a lot nicer. Temperatures over the Southeast and South right now or warm. The Rockies and the Northern Plains trying to get back to winter.

For us tonight, a warm night definitely on the springier side of things, almost summery. Brief showers. A low in the mid 70s for tomorrow. Look for a mix of sun and clouds, some quick showers blowing in off the water, and a high temperature near 86 degrees. On the water, winds southeast at 15. Seas 2 to 4 feet. A moderate chop on the bays. And taking us through the rest of the week into the weekend, mid 80s tomorrow. Could be upper 80s Thursday before the cold front comes through. Also, a chance for storms. And the weekend, breezy and cooler, but some showers blowing by. Back to you.