Weather 4-13-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Tuesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now, CBS 4 weather with chief meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, a beautiful day today. Sunrise to sunset, no clouds in the sky. Lots of clear out there. And the sunset crew says we're going to get that-- the sunset that just drops in the water tonight. That's our Keys camera this evening. Currently 85 in Miami, 82, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, 81 in Key West. Feels warm, but the humidity levels are very, very low. Stickiness scale is a zero, super dry. Humidity only 26%, and an east wind at 11.

Highs today, it was warm. Upper 80s. What happened was the little bit of moisture we had in the atmosphere kind of mixed out as the sun heated the atmosphere up. So that allowed the temperatures to zip up, because they didn't have to-- sun didn't have to work on heating the moisture in the atmosphere. So it definitely was warm temperature-wise.

But the humidity's nice and low, right now running from about 42% in Pompano Beach to only 27% in Opa-Locka. Also West Kendall at 26%. Current temperatures in the low to mid-80s right now. Going to be a nice night, headed for the 60s tonight. Breeze out of the east, anywhere from about eight to 14 miles an hour.

Satellite loop through the day today, mm-mm, there is nothing to talk about cloud-wise. Bigger picture showing statewide, looking good. There are some big thunderstorms, though, in the northern Gulf near Louisiana. That activity heading to the South, not going to bother us. In fact, dry air is over us. Sticks around through tomorrow, so probably a repeat episode of what we saw today tomorrow. And then the moisture increases a little bit as we go through the week. Here's through Friday. By Saturday and Sunday, the moisture increases even further. But right now, I think the heaviest chance for storms will hold off probably until next week. So the weekend looking OK.

Here's our satellite loop. Zooming in on into the Eastern Caribbean tonight. Talking about St. Vincent there, where La Soufriere, that's the volcano, erupted again this morning. You can see the ash plume blowing off and headed once again to Barbados. The visible satellite loop through the day today, you can see the ash plume coming off early this morning, heading to the east. Some of the ash heading to the north towards St. Lucia. In the coming days, the winds and steering currents in the atmosphere are going to continue to blow from the west, so once again more eruptions could impact Barbados there, maybe even St. Lucia as well.

Our forecast for tonight, it's looking pretty good. It is looking mostly clear, a nice night. Cooler inland, lows in the 60s for tomorrow. A good deal of sunshine once again. High temperature in the mid-80s, probably not quite as hot as today. On the water, winds east 10 to 15. Seas running two to three feet, a light chop on the bays. And taking us through the rest of the week, it is a warm-up after tomorrow. A little more humid as well. Getting kind of hot by the weekend, and our rains look like they're on track for coming early next week. Back to you.