Weather 4-14-21 11PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Wednesday night weather forecast.

Video Transcript

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DAVE WARREN: I'm meteorologist Dave Warren in for Craig tonight, and this is the temperatures. We are seeing the mild air work its way back up across the Southeast. If it's yellow, it's in the 70's. And pretty much, much of the Florida Peninsula is still into the 70's. A few spots are trying to drop into the upper 60's here this evening. High pressure in control today.

Let's go through the last few hours. And we'll turn out the lights. Nighttime. Things are still pretty clear out there this evening. That breeze is out of the East just about to 5, 10 miles an hour. It's calmed down just a little bit. That keeps it nice and comfortable here across the area. In the afternoon, it might get a little cooler right up against the coast, but it's keeping the temperatures in the 70's right now.

You go farther inland, you could see temperatures easily dropping into the upper 60's. Already seeing that there in West Kendall. It's down to 70. A little warmer closer to the coast there. The numbers coming in. 74, 74, 76. No marine advisories. Moderate risk of rip currents.

And our temperature trend goes down, maybe dropping briefly into the upper 60's, then we climb into the mid 80's again tomorrow. We're starting to see things warming up. That breeze is out of the South about 5 to 15 knots. Their seas about two to three feet, and there's a light chop at the bays. Pretty nice day on the water. And at the beaches, it's just that rip current risk is still moderate.

Things are clear. We're watching this area of rain staying up to the North. High pressure keeping us dry for now at least. It'll start to shift to the Southeast. And that front, which is stationary, becomes a cold front and tries to work its way here into South Florida, but can't quite make it South of Orlando or Tampa down by the lake.

This is the next few days. You see that low moves off the Northeast coast where it brings in some colder air. And then we can talk about snow up there. We have a few showers just up to the North. South of this, though, it really starts to heat up. The front becomes stationary, so we're dealing with that South to Southwest wind eventually. And that means our temperatures go from the 80's today into the upper 80's. And then by Friday afternoon, some areas hitting 90 degrees, mainly over the interior. But by Saturday and Sunday, we should easily see temperatures jumping up to about 90, maybe even a little above that there by Sunday.

Tomorrow, we'll see a temperature of 86 degrees. A warm day with plenty of sunshine. That wind East to Southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. 90's over the weekend. And it gets a little cooler as showers are back in the forecast. CBS4 news tonight. We'll be right back.