Weather 4-14-21 6PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Wednesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now CBS 4 weather.

DAVE WARREN: I'm meteorologist Dave Warren in for Craig tonight. Look at this satellite picture. Very few clouds out there. Big area of high pressure, which is right overhead keeping us pretty quiet here across the area. Zoom on in and we see that things are quiet. Plenty of sunshine today. Maybe a few clouds just pass through the area. That breeze is out of the east along the Atlantic coast. Out of the west along the Gulf Coast, the sea breeze is kicking in cooling us off just a bit.

Temperatures did manage to climb above 80 degrees. But now we're into the upper 70s. West Kendall is at 80. It's dropped to 77 in Pompano Beach. And still just above 80 there in the Keys, in Marathon and in Key West.

Real time dopplers all clear. We're going to check out the Keys here. We were just there looking at the [? turtles, ?] the radar is all clear. The Key West camera our Keys camera, looking pretty quiet this evening waiting for the sunset there in Mallory Square. So nice looking picture there.

There's still a moderate risk of rip currents. There's no marine advisories. Our temperatures overnight tonight, you'll notice they drop down to about 70. Maybe a few areas inland could drop into the upper 60s, so comfortable tonight.

Then we climb into the lower 80s again tomorrow. Should be able to bump that up maybe up to about 84, 85 degrees. All clear with our marine forecast 5 to 15 knots. It's out of the south. There's just two to three foot seas.

Now we are watching a big area of rain. This is across the southeast. It's staying there thanks to high pressure, which is staying right there, staying put just off the coast. Area of low pressure goes along a stationary front. And as it intensifies it brings some snow to parts of New England, but it also tries to push a cold front into our area. It gets to right about there. Then it becomes stationary. It stalls out. To the south of that, the moisture increases. Maybe some patchy fog around Friday morning, but by Friday afternoon, our temperatures are starting to climb.

You'll notice this 90 degree number. That's the red color. There it is over the interior. By Friday afternoon, maybe pushing up against the East Coast. Our temperature trend though, continues to go up by Saturday and Sunday into the 90s with humidity. It should top out about 92 degrees there on Sunday with heat and humidity. That's about as hot as we'll get. We'll cool things off a little bit next week as we put a few more showers in the forecast.

No showers tomorrow. There's plenty of sunshine. And that breeze is pretty light. Our temperatures are getting warmer tomorrow, or Friday, 88. There are the 90s Saturday and Sunday. And now the moisture does increase, just a bit, late in the weekend and early next week. So we'll see a few showers around Monday, maybe a few thunderstorms on Tuesday. And Wednesday, we're at 89 degrees with sunshine and storms. Back to you.

- Dave, thanks.