Weather 4/8/2021 12PM

Plenty of sun this afternoon with a nice southeast breeze.

Video Transcript

- We want to check back in with Lissette Gonzalez because we are so close to the weekend. And a lot of people looking forward to, hopefully, a nice one, right, Lissette?

LISSETTE GONZALEZ: Yeah, it'll be nice, just warmer. And I would say Saturday will be the batter half of the weekend because we could see some rain on Sunday. But it's OK because some of the lawns, including my own turning a little brown and dry. So we could use some rain. It has been quite dry for a long time.

As we take a view from our Key West camera though, it is looking fantastic out there. Another glorious view from our Rusty Pelican camera. This past week has been just picture perfect. We've been so fortunate.

You'll notice the wind is now off the ocean out of the east-southeast. And that is allowing our temperatures to continue to warm up. That'll be the trend heading into the weekend. Look at that, Plantation, 85 degrees. Right now, 77 in Fort Lauderdale. 79 in Hollywood because along the coast, it's a little bit more comfortable. But the further inland you go, the warmer, it is. 81 in Weston and Margate because you don't have that beach breeze, right?

So 80 degrees in Miami Beach, 77 in Miami, 79 in Pine Crest, 78 in Palmetto Bay, 81 in West Kendall. And down through the Keys, mostly low 80s for the upper and middle Keys. Right now, Key West, though, is 79 degrees.

And we did wake up to a very comfortable start. It was cool for Broward and Dade County. But obviously now, we are warming up. And we're seeing that warm, spring-like weather across much of the southeast. The low to mid 70s across the Gulf Coast, in fact 79 in Houston, the upper 60s along Atlanta into DC. 65 in New York City, which should be a gorgeous day up there. 62 in Chicago, yet the 40s and 50s through parts of the Midwest and the northern plains. Right now, 73 in Vegas. 62 in LA. 55 in Salt Lake City. 60 in Denver, 42 in Seattle.

Pacific Northwest is dealing with a storm system. And that's stretching into the Rockies. And you'll notice this big swirl, this area of low pressure that's leading to active weather from the south across the Great Lakes. And there is a marginal risk of severe weather today there and a slight risk of severe storms or some of the same areas that got hit yesterday, through portions of Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and also even through parts of the mid-Atlantic.

So throughout the day today, an active weather pattern for much of the eastern half of the country except here. And across our state, it is quiet. And we are going to continue with mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 80s and humidity relatively low.

So slight risk of rip currents at the beach. Very high UV index. No advisories for boaters. Seas at about 1 to 2. A light chop on the bays tonight. Lows in the upper 60s along the coast, the low 60s inland. Check out the highs this weekend, upper 80s. Saturday, sunshine. But then Sunday, we'll see the return of some wet weather. And we'll remain unsettled likely through early next week.