Weather 4-8-21 6PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Thursday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now, CBS 4 weather with chief meteorologist Craig Setzer.

CRAIG SETZER: Well, another nice evening after another nice day. Here's our Keys camera this evening, catching one of the evening sunset sailboats heading out to catch the sunset. It's going to be a good one, no clouds tonight. Last night, we had those serious high clouds that really made for a great sunset. Tonight, a little bit clearer.

78, Miami. 76, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood. 77 in Key West, One on the stickiness scale. Humidity levels are going to stay pretty much under control until probably Sunday, when they come up some. Humidity [AUDIO OUT] in the breezy, southeast at nine. High temperatures today, everybody in the low 80s to upper 70s. Normal high's 82, so just a little bit below that. Current temperatures right now in the mid to upper 70s.

Going to be another nice evening. Southeast breeze, east-southeast anywhere from eight to 13 miles an hour. Really nothing going on weather-wise here in South Florida. Satellite loop through the day to day also showing just a few high clouds, a few low clouds, and that has been about it. Other than that, it's been plenty of sunshine and sunshine up and down the peninsula.

Overnight lows tonight are going to be in the 60s once again. 50s, inland areas. Tomorrow, it's into the low 80s for highs. Tomorrow night, lows in the 60s, the 50s becoming a little bit smaller in their coverage as the overall pattern warms up into the weekend. And for Saturday, 90s over inland sections here in South Florida. I think enough of a southeast breeze, which is going to be picking up, will keep us in the 80s for highs. We will be a little bit warmer on Sunday and Monday, and definitely more humid.

Middle of the country, big spiraling spring low pressure area produced a couple of tornadoes. One earlier in the day in eastern Iowa, another one reported east of Nashville. Bigger picture showing that big spiraling low, pushing a cold front slowly to the south and east, but it's not going to come through. Temperatures not that much colder behind it. It is eventually going to help bring some moisture our way, and give us a better rain chance, especially later Sunday and Monday. And then the rain chances start to go back down as well.

Temperatures across the country still a little bit cool, thanks to an onshore flow in the Northeast. Temperatures warm through the South, and they're on the hot side in the Southwest. For us tonight, looking pretty good. A nice night, some inland fog, lows in the mid-60s. Still low 60s in some spots. Tomorrow, warm sun, a gentle breeze. A high temperature near 82 degrees, and humidity still very nice. Southeast breeze at 10. Seas running two feet or less, a light chop on the bays. Surf temperature 76.

And taking us through the weekend, there's the warm-up starting on Saturday, an even warmer and more humid Sunday, and upper 80s possible Sunday and Monday, with our best rain chances Sunday night and Monday. Back to you.