Weather 5/15/2021 6PM

Partly cloudy with possible showers on the breeze.

Video Transcript

KARLI BARNETT: And it's certainly going to be a hot weekend. Let's turn it over to CBS 4 Meteorologist Dave Warren. Always a good reminder there, Dave.

DAVE WARREN: Yes, good reminder. And, hey, another reminder that the rainy season is starting today is the radar tracking a few showers out there. So just a few. One of them is just around Key Biscayne. This has been moving South and going right along the coast here. A gust of 30 knots expected as this continues to push Southwest passing by just near Key Biscayne. And it will continue to move South there, staying just off the coast.

Lower Keys, getting a few showers developing as well right around Key West. That one shower just continues to develop mainly just South of the Keys there. And it continues to drift Southwest once it develops. A little more activity is off the coast. So we cannot rule out a passing shower tonight. Speaking of the Keys, I have to turn our Keys camera to take to show you where the action is.

This is the shower that we just showed you on the radar. It's just off the coast there, but the cloudy skies around and that shower is right behind the camera here. So a little gusty. Whitecaps on the water there. Special marine statement issued this. So be careful that if you're on the water, gusts over 30 knots. Lower 80s right now, the rain shower off the coast. So we're not seeing the cooler weather come in.

Temperatures are dropping into the upper 70s and mid to low 80s here. And we'll see that trend continue mid 70s overnight tonight. Look at what's happening here. High pressure building in just to our North. So strong Northeast breeze has developed once that front came through. Tried to bring in some drier air to get a little more comfortable and just a slightly slightly cooler, but high pressure building in. So it will be windy here for the next few days.

And we'll continue to see these passing showers. Computer forecast tracking the activity out there tonight. Maybe a few more showers in the lower Keys. Tomorrow, we could see a spotty shower coming in with a gust of wind. They'll be moving pretty quick with the breeze, but anywhere has a chance to see a brief shower. And then as the high builds in, it gets even gustier. The wind could actually increase from Tuesday to Wednesday and Thursday.

We're starting to see some reddish colors there. A high builds in and expands a bit, and you get that difference in pressure lining up right over the area. So, likely, we'll see more of this. Small craft advisory in effect tonight all the way to 2:00 tomorrow morning, East Northeast wind, 15 to 20 knots, 2 to 4 foot seas, choppy in the back. Bays temperatures right now are into the mid to low 80s. They'll drop into the mid 70s with few spotty showers out there. It'll be breezy at times.

And wind Northeast, 10 to 15. Tomorrow, gusty breeze. Showers blow by. The gusts could be there 20 to 25 miles an hour. Temperatures will be into the lower 80s and then the mid 80s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Now with the gusty breeze increasing by the middle of the week, showers could increase, as well as the moisture moves through the area. So look for gusty showers and downpours Wednesday, Thursday, Friday all the way through the weekend.