Weather 6-10-21 11PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Thursday weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- CBS 4 meteorologist Dave Warren is in for Craig Septer tonight. He joins us now with the forecast. And nice weather for dining outside.

DAVE WARREN: Yes, not too bad. And the temperatures will inflate here over the next day or two, but not by 5%, maybe a percent or two up in the lower 90s. We still have these showers developing, bubbling up the clouds here over the interior. All clear along the East Coast, just low clouds moving with the breeze. But that's where you find the showers and storms. A breeze still out of the East to Southeast. But that'll be turning a bit. And eventually could go out of the West. And that brings these showers closer to the area here over the next few days.

And talk about tonight, each hour tonight, the things over the interior dying down. With this East breeze, Southeast breeze, you do get a few showers around in the morning. It'll be developing there. By midday, storms trying to go up over the interior. But a little closer to the East Coast as that breeze goes to the South. And just to our North, a Southwest to West breeze is developing. That'll really impact our weather over the weekend.

Clouds moving, though, tonight with the breeze. Our camera from the Rusty Pelican looking off to the West, a few clouds out there. Temperature still above 80 degrees. That's where the camera is looking in this direction. There's clouds out there, but there's no rain. You have to go all the way to almost the Gulf Coast here there for these showers and storms continuing to drift off to the West. Not much happening just off the coast. Keeping an eye there. That's often where you see these showers develop and work their way in the area by tomorrow morning.

But overall, quiet night tonight, lower 80s. Temperatures should be able to drop into the upper 70s. We'll say a stray shower with a warm breeze from Southeast about 5-10 miles an hour. High pressure off the coast moves to the South. The low passes by to our North. That'll change the wind direction a bit. These showers moving today with the breeze.

We have a Southwest wind developing here by the weekend. Look at what that does to our weather. The showers and storms developing over the interior tomorrow. That's where they are. But as more of a West wind comes in, South wind, by Saturday, showers get pushed up against the East Coast. That's where we have these afternoon showers and storms, gusty downpours coming in both Saturday and Sunday.

A little more moisture gets added to the equation there by the end of the weekend and next week. So that'll increase our showers. Moisture up just a little bit by Monday and Tuesday. But it's Wednesday and Thursday, Saharan dust coming off of Africa, working its way across the Atlantic. Now we go to the forecast and that lifts to the North just a bit. So hazy skies are in the forecast there by Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week.

Not much happening in the tropics. Things are pretty quiet. You want to use caution on the water tomorrow with a Southeast wind 5 to 10 knots. One to two foot seas light chop in the bays. Extended forecast, temperatures into the 90s with that breeze. Showers and storms coming in Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.