Weather 6-10-21 6PM

CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Warren has your Thursday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Just close your eyes and enjoy this beautiful breeze--

- There we go.

- --that Dave keeps talking about.


- Just the same.

DAVE WARREN: Beautiful breeze, right, out of the southeast. So during the day you get that nice, comfortable breeze. Gets a little cooler right near the coast. And you might even want to say this this time of year. We do need the rain. And right now with that southeast breeze, all the showers, what little there are, developing over the interior and moving towards the Gulf Coast.

But this wind turning a bit more to the south and eventually the southwest. That could put these showers right here across the area. Computer forecast starts to hint at that overnight tonight and tomorrow. There those showers picked up-- look where they are currently. And with the breeze coming in off the ocean 10, 11 o'clock in the morning, maybe a few showers pushing through the area. Oftentimes you do see that.

And then they develop over the interior but actually try to work their way back across the area to our north. Breeze going to the west, and that west wind working its way south, and it'll be here, here by late in the weekend and next week.

So that means scenes like this. Well, instead of the showers and storms being well off in the distance, they could be over the area here. Temperatures are into the mid 80s, 84, 85, or 86. Our camera was right there looking in that direction. Things are all clear with real-time Doppler.

But here's where those showers are. They're trying to push a little farther east into inland Broward County, but that's about as far east as they'll make it. Maybe a few stray showers there in the keys and late tonight. Could see a few passing showers here across the area.

That is another look at Biscayne Bay. Temperatures are into the mid 80s right now, 84, 85, 86, or 87. It did manage to climb up to near 90 degrees this afternoon, but now we're dropping into the upper 70s here overnight tonight.

Warm night with a stray shower. That wind's out of the southeast there. Southeast breeze around that area of high pressure, which will move south. So a southeast wind becomes south wind or even a southwest wind here over the next few days. It's developing this weekend.

So computer forecasts showing those showers, which are right there. Well, they actually could start to turn a bit and work their way closer to the coast. That is tomorrow, and then we'll go even farther into Saturday-- further into Saturday here. Showers developing over the interior, pushing towards the East Coast as the breeze goes to the southwest. It will also heat things up a bit.

Nothing much happening in the tropics. There was that area we were watching, but things are pretty quiet now. Nothing expected to develop here over the next five days.

Have a lot of dust coming off of Africa. There it is over the central Caribbean. And that could drift north, so might get a little haze in the sky by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Caution on the water. One to two foot seas. Light chop. 82 is the surf temperature. 90 is the air temperature tomorrow.

Things are heating up as the breeze turns from the southeast, goes south and eventually southwest. So 92 Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday with hot sun and afternoon showers and storms.