Weather 6/11/2021 6AM

Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible.

Video Transcript

LISSETTE GONZALEZ: Good Friday morning. Welcome to the weekend. As we look live from our Rusty Pelican camera right now Biscayne Bay, showing us plenty of sunshine, just a few clouds. A beautiful start as we check in in our keys camera as well., Key West looking good. Sandra K Booth, our weather watcher sharing the view from Lauderdale by the Sea. And the sunrise is spectacular. And also, Bart Cuseo sharing a very patriotic sunrise from Fort Lauderdale with pink skies, as well as Brigitte checking in from Biscayne Bay.

Thanks for all those photos. And as we zoom on into the radar, Broward County dealing with the bulk of the wet weather this morning. Coconut Creek right now seeing the showers there, as well as near Lauderdale lakes, Lauderdale, and just moved across Plantation. Still some showers actually, there and across the lower keys. Miami Dade County, you've been lucky so far this morning. It's been pretty quiet for you all.

The wind calm elsewhere in Homestead, but light around Miami and Fort Lauderdale. three to seven miles an hour, in Key West, more of a breeze going. 15 miles an hour. The upper 70s and low 80s. It is a warm, steamy start. And after some spotty showers this morning, we'll be heating up to 90 degrees. And it's going to feel more like the mid to upper 90s as you'll notice tomorrow.

Feels like forecast temperature map here. So certainly want to drink a lot of water, stay hydrated, and also, don't forget look before you lock with those hot cars the temperature inside could rise quickly, and you just want to make sure that your kids are safe and you're getting them out of the car.

And so as we take a look at the beach forecast, that's a way to cool down and beat the heat. Slight risk of rip currents, UV index is extreme. No advisories for boaters, you're good to go. Winds southeast 5 to 10 knots, seas 1 to 2, and light chop on the bays. For tonight, will be warm with the upper 70s, and the chance for a few showers overnight into the morning hours.

But with the winds shifting out of the south later today, and into tomorrow out of the southwest and west, that's going to not only heat us up, but our rain chance is increasing in the afternoon and evening hours. And even better rain chance early next week. Thankfully, in the tropics it remains quiet. Cyclone development is not expected in the next 2 to 5 days.

And that's also due to the Saharan dust that's rolling off the coast of Africa moving across the Atlantic this weekend. And as we head into early next week we could see some of that Saharan dust leading to the hazy, milky skies. And also, if you have any respiratory issues you're going to want to monitor this closely, right?

This weekend will be summery and sizzling with highs in the low 90s, feeling more like the triple digits. And those afternoon evening storms around through early next week.