Weather 6-9-21 5PM

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer has your Wednesday evening weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- None of them here in South Florida though. It might be because it's too hot here.

- That's right. But did you guys notice that the reporter Ben Tracy did not bite that Taco?

- I do not blame Ben at all.

CRAIG SETZER: You guys forgot to read the disclaimer that said, during the dinner hours, some of the video you may see may not be appropriate.

- Hey, tastes like chicken.

CRAIG SETZER: Lobster's what I've heard. Let's show you what's going on, first off on the radar. And the reason I'm showing the radar is because in the Eastern US, they are picking up the cicadas in the radar imagery. Now the radars nowadays are very sensitive. We see smoke particles and bugs, insects. A lot of times we see bats take off from West Miami-Dade here. And we see migrations of birds north and south.

Not much going on right now. There are some thunderstorms off to our southeast. Little showers out there to the east of Biscayne Bay. But except for just a few showers here or there, that is about it.

Here's our Rusty Pelican Camera this afternoon, looking pretty good. Just a few clouds out there. In the coming days, temperatures are going to go up. The clouds are going to start developing as well, especially late in the afternoon when our chances for thunderstorms will go up.

87 in Miami, 84 Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, 87-- 85 rather in Key West. 5 on the stickiness scale. It's not terribly humid yet, but humid enough. Feels like 92. An east breeze at 11 miles an hour.

There are the feels like temperatures. Everybody's in the low to mid 90s. Exception, Pompano Beach. We're expecting mid to upper 90s feels like temperatures for the weekend. And that's going to be during the late morning and afternoon hours. So plan your outdoor plans accordingly.

There's the east breeze, which continues to blow. But it is going to gradually settle down as we get into the weekend. The satellite loop through the day today showing a little streamer line of clouds right there. Every now and then these pop up off the Bahamian islands there in the Northwest Bahamas and sometimes even over the Keys. And you get some waterspouts with those cloud lines every now and then. Also, we get a few showers here and there.

So the relatively drier and stray shower type of air pattern is about to give way to an increasing amount of moisture for mainly afternoon storms. This is on Friday. So most of the storms expected to be inland because the steering currents-- not strong enough to bring them east yet.

But Saturday and Sunday, southwesterly winds should bring thunderstorms into the metro areas during the late afternoon and evening hours Saturday, also Sunday. And that direction of the wind there-- that's that hot wind direction. So temperatures are going to get up into the low to mid 90s. And in fact, they're going to stay that way.

The only break I think we're going to get from the heat is a good chance for afternoon thunderstorm. And that thunderstorm activity actually increases as we go into next week.

Into the tropics, we've been watching this area down here. National Hurricane Center says tropical development unlikely. I was saying, you know, let's not get too excited about this. I think the area to still watch is over here just south of the southern part of Mexico there. Anything that develops there might have a tendency to move north up towards the southwest Gulf of Mexico. No bother to us.

Here's our forecast for tonight. A warm night, stray showers possible. Low temperature in the upper 70s. For tomorrow, look for a day similar to today, but maybe a little bit warmer. Highs in the upper 80s to around 90, and a few showers are possible.

On the water, winds out of the east-southeast at 10. Seas running about 2 feet. A light chop on the bays. And taking us through the weekend, here come the 90s. And they are going to stick around. Also, a better chance for late-day storms. Back to you.

- Craig, thanks a lot.