Weather @ Your Desk 2-20-21 9AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Dave Warren's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

DAVE WARREN: --through those clouds just a bit. We are looking at a little more sunshine there in Biscayne Bay and across the area here in downtown Miami as well. We are seeing sunshine, a little more sunshine as opposed to just a few clouds.

Lower 60s right now in Miami, Fort Lauderdale. Key West is up to 68 degrees. Now there's no more rain, and these numbers are about 15 degrees cooler than it's been over the last few mornings means we won't be nearly as warm this afternoon.

No 80s expected today. The breeze is out of the north to northwest along the East Coast, northeast here in Naples, coming down the Florida Peninsula and off of either coast. You have to see wind directions and speeds like that to get the cool air all the way here to south Florida, and we're seeing that at least for now. It'll eventually turn to the northeast later today.

Lower 60s to start the day. Pretty comfortable, mid 70s in the afternoon. Just a bit of a breeze out there. No rain on real-time, doppler but some red flags. High risk of rip currents, small craft advisory. This will go through today and all the way through tomorrow.

Now, we're cool this morning. We climb into the mid 70s this afternoon, but as the wind turns to the northeast, that does not keep us-- does not allow the temperatures to drop much overnight tonight. A little warmer at night.

Cold front push through, high pressure building in. It's up across the southeast here. The breeze continues out of the north going right down the Florida Peninsula. But the high is pretty-- moving pretty quickly there just off to the east.

So our wind speeds, which are a little strong now, will actually be increasing overnight tonight tomorrow turning to the east and northeast. There's a very strong wind speeds throughout the day tomorrow. Seas will be building, but eventually the wind dies down, and we're looking at our next cold front.

This is from Monday to Tuesday. The rain showers return. A few isolated storms possible there, especially up to the north. But next cold fronts here by Monday night. Tuesday, it pushes through, and that's followed by a cooler breeze.

North wind at 20 knots, 3 to 6 foot seas. It'll be gusting close to 30 knots. So that small craft advisory in effect today. There's a moderate chop of the Bay, surface temperature 74, air temperature 74 as the wind goes to the northeast 10 to 20 miles an hour.

Gust at 25. So it could be gusty at times here today. Now it becomes an ocean breeze overnight tonight. That'll keep the temperatures a little milder at night and then into the upper 60s for a low temperature on Monday. 80 degrees Monday afternoon.

That's the cold front followed by a cooler breeze and very pleasant sunshine. Bright sunny days there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Lower humidity, highs into the upper 70s, lows into the mid 60s.