Weather @ Your Desk 3-20-21 9AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Jennifer Correa's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

KEITH JONES: --Back here at home. First day of spring. It is a fantastic start. And I think when I left the house today, we were in the 50s.

JENNIFER CORREA: Yeah, we were. Upper 50s. But still, that's a nice cool down for us, we haven't had in quite some time. All week was very warm. So it's nice and cool. I think you'll still need a light sweater this morning in South Florida, mainly for Miami-Dade and Broward, and especially if you're closer to the coast. But overall, we're going to warm things up to comfortable highs in the upper 70s. Now what a gorgeous start it is on this first day of spring. It is beautiful. This is a takeoff sunrise taken by Loyda Delgado out of Miami International Airport.

And in Pembroke Pines, Melissa Gessner taking what is a perfect spring photo. Look at those flowers blooming on that tree. I'm not sure what kind of tree that is, but if you know, just let me know on Twitter. All right, Rusty Pelican camera is facing downtown and over parts of the bay, and Biscayne Bay looking so nice. Light chop out there. There's still a small craft advisory. It is expected that the winds will turn from the northwest this morning out of the northeast. And that will bring on some swells from the northeast and push against the Gulf Stream. So it can stir up the waters out there just a little bit.

All right, 61 degrees across much of the area, if not 62, 60 degrees, pretty similar. In West Kendall with a breeze right now at 13 miles per hour. But overall, it's not too breezy. It could be breezy at times, up to 15 miles per hour. Almost at 70 degrees in Key West with lots of sunshine. So we don't have rain over us, but just a few light showers that are offshore over the Atlantic, mainly east of Palm Beach County. Now where we will see most of the rain today or at least a shower activity is actually going to be over in the space coast and up into northeast Florida because of this one low that's edging the east coast of Florida.

There's another leftover low over the Bahamas as well. So I'm not going to rule out a stray shower. In fact, by tonight, we have a better chance for showers developing across Broward and Dade. And the chance for showers actually remains as we head into Sunday as this low continues to drift pretty close to the east coast of Florida. Now the winds aren't going to be too bad for us. By tomorrow, pretty light. But certainly on the windy side, gusty side for the coastal areas of Georgia up through the Carolinas.

Small craft advisory is in effect for today. The rip current risk is low for beachgoers out there. It'll feel nice with a high of 79 degrees. 59 tonight with the chance of those overnight showers. And then tomorrow, I expect showers once again, mainly early in the day. Keith.

KEITH JONES: All right, beautiful stuff. Jennifer, thank you.