Weather @ Your Desk 3-27-21 10AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Jennifer Correa's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- All right, back here at home. Let's talk about weather. Jennifer Correa joins us now. And it's lovely to see you. And for those of you at home, I'm saying that because this is the first time that she and I have actually met--


- --in person.


- The pandemic ruins everything, right?

JENNIFER CORREA: Yeah, it's nice to meet you and Keith in person. And also, it's nice to be in the studio as well. And what's also nice-- beautiful sunrise photos. This one taken at Miami International Airport by Loyda Delgado. She works there on the weekends. And look how gorgeous the sun is right over downtown Miami skyline.

And Biscayne Bay, a beautiful sunrise, too, with a couple of clouds and a little bit of a chop. Brigitte Grosjean taking this lovely photo. All the way down in the Keys, Key Colony Beach in the Middle Keys, that is, Thomas Alferes waking up early to get-- catch a glimpse of that sunrise as well.

We notice a lot of cloud cover, and they look a little gray. But for the most part, the real-time Doppler radar has been clear of any rainfall. If there is any rain, it'd be a raindrop, maybe. But most of those clouds are not producing any rainfall. And the temperature is rising on up, already in the upper 70s. West Kendall beating everybody at 80 degrees. Down in Key West almost at 80, 79 right now.

The breeze is either out of the east or southeast right now, anywhere between eight to up to 14 miles per hour. So this is a setup. This is at the surface. There's high pressure that's in control over the Atlantic. And this is going to provide for that east to southeast breeze over South Florida. Meanwhile, high pressure is also keeping any fronts from coming down into Florida.

But mainly, it's what's happening in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere, which we can see right here in water vapor imagery. Plenty of dry air. So this is a major factor into why our pattern has been so dry. That high pressure is locked, blocking any cold fronts. Or even blocking the jet stream from dipping down south. So we are expecting the dry weather to continue for the entire weekend.

Temperatures right now in the rest of the peninsula-- in the lower 70s up in Central Florida. 75, though, in Tampa, and 68 in Tallahassee. That's nice. But not so nice by this afternoon, because it will be steamy. Forecast highs in Orlando, Gainesville in the lower 90s, even out in the inland areas, out over Alligator Alley, heading towards the west coast.

All right, back here at home, we're not hitting the 90s. But it's going to feel like the 90s this afternoon, with a high of 87 degrees and a little bit of humidity. Could feel more like 90 or 91. No advisories for boaters, although we do have a breezy east/southeast wind by this afternoon. So the bays will remain at a moderate chop. Highs in the upper 80s for next week as well.

- If anything, that is a consistent forecast. Jennifer, thank you.