Weather @ Your Desk 3-26-21 5PM

CBS4 News chief meteorologist Craig Setzer's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- --and hot. That's how it is. Right, Craig Setzer?

CRAIG SETZER: You know, yeah, you know, guys. And when I said, hey, let's do backyard weather. That was in January, seemed like a good idea at the time. And it's getting a little bit hot now, a little bit hot. Here's what's going on at Rusty Pelican camera this afternoon. We are looking at a beautiful South Florida Friday. Great, great weather expected this weekend. Warm, definitely on the summer side of spring as we go into the weekend. And if you've got a boat or a friend with a boat, I suggest you use it.

Here's a look at temperatures right now. 83 in Miami, 82 Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood. 82 in Key West. Stickiness scale is up there, which is not helping, and it's quite humid. 85 is what it feels like right now. East-southeast breeze at 14 miles an hour. Lows this morning not that low. Normal low is 66, we were in the mid-70s everywhere. More of that in sight. So no relief at night. And during the daytime, temperatures in the 80s expected right through the weekend into next week. Temperatures right now in the low to mid-80s across South Florida.

Breeze that's out of the southeast. Now, this is the good news in the whole weather scenario here. That onshore flow, the wind coming off the ocean, which is still relatively cool, and coming on land will keep us out of the 90s here in South Florida. That can't be said for the rest of the state, because after lows in the 60s and 70s tonight, tomorrow, highs will warm well into the 90s up and down the Peninsula. We will stay in the 80s here in South Florida as well as the Keys. Tomorrow night, lows in the 70s. And then on Sunday as well. Once again, temperatures on the very warm to hot side, 80s and 90s, but away from the metro areas.

Temperatures across the country. They are warm over the Southeast, in the wake of that storm system that brought the severe weather to parts of the Southeast and the Deep South over the last few days. Look at the Northeast, big warm-up. Temperatures in the 60s and 70s, all the way up the East Coast. 80 right now in DC. 80s along the South. The cool weather holds on through the Western part of the country. Also in the Upper Midwest, some temperatures still in the 40s and 50s.

Our forecast for tonight looks like this. Going to be a very summery, warm night. Lows running about 10 degrees above the normal low for this time of year. A gentle breeze, a low temperature in the mid 70s. Tomorrow, very warm sun and a little bit breezy, especially in the afternoon. But at least it'll be an ocean breeze. A high temperature in the mid to upper 80s. On the water, really no problems. Winds southeast at 15.

And taking us through the weekend into next week, wow, look at that. Once you get stuck in heat, looks like you're stuck there until further notice. But the good news is there is a cold front that's due the end of next week, which may knock us back down, and may forestall us just sliding right into summer, which I think most people don't want at this point. Back to you guys.

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