Weather @ Your Desk 3-20-21 6PM

CBS4 News meteorologist Dave Warren's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- CBS 4 meteorologist Dave Warren joining us now with a look at the rest of our weekend forecast.

DAVE WARREN: Yeah, the rest of the weekend, well, a little cooler. Temperatures dropped last night. The breeze, it's out of the northeast, about 10 to 15 miles an hour. Might turn to the north just a bit. So we'll keep it a little cool overnight. Some areas could even drop into the upper 50s, especially up here into Broward County, maybe farther south into the lower 60s. Right now, we're in the upper 70s.

Clouds are around. There's even a few showers. We're looking a little bit of activity over the interior here. This is west of the metro areas in Broward County. But a little shower or two just off the coast. Might see a few showers pushing through the area. It will be light but not completely dry overnight tonight.

Satellite radar shows a little circulation. There's a little area of low pressure that's just off the coast and another bigger one here just off the northern Florida Peninsula coast there. It'll stay there, but it's creating a very strong, gusty northeast wind that continues to gust. And we're seeing that persist over the next few days. The problem with this up here, it's not really directly impacting us here in South Florida. But we're getting some swells and increased surf that's working its way down the coast.

Look at these wind speeds, 25, 35 miles an hour. This goes all the way through Sunday, all the way through Monday. Finally by Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll start to see it get a little calmer. But we'll stop it there midday Monday, still along the Carolinas and up towards Jacksonville, we're getting that strong northeast wind.

These are the wave heights. And they do work their way all the way south here into South Florida, wave heights of 4 to 6 feet, especially up in Palm Beach County, where it'll be a little rougher. So rough surf, rip current risk is high. Small craft advisory in effect. And with those areas of low pressure just off the coast, we do get an occasional shower that spins through the area. That's around tomorrow. Maybe a little more sunshine in the afternoon.

Still a little cool though. And we'll still see a few clouds around on Monday. But by Tuesday and Wednesday, all of that moves out. And we'll get that warmer breeze returning.

Small craft advisory, that's in effect. Get that northeasterly swell develop Sunday. Building seas, especially just off the coast, 6 to 10 feet. And that'll continue through early next week, even through Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, it's starting to get a little calmer.

Small craft advisory, that wind's out of the north to northwest, 2 to 3 foot seas. There's a light chop. The advisory going all the way through Sunday.

Temperatures up to 77 degrees tomorrow. So still another cool day. Showers around. That wind's northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. First day of spring is a little cooler this weekend here. And we'll see temperatures going into the lower 80s and mid 80s there by Wednesday and Thursday. So once the wind dies down a bit and actually turns to the south, that pushes our temperatures up a good bit there from Tuesday to Wednesday. We're back to about 86 degrees by the end of the week. Back to you.