Weather @ Your Desk 4-10-21 10AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Jennifer Correa's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- And back here at home and quite literally back at the home of meteorologist Jennifer Correa, going live from home this morning. Off to a great start. And we got some great pictures to prove it.

JENNIFER CORREA: Yes. Some nice photos Keith. It's a nice start. It is warming up fast. But first, check out this sunrise photo, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Sandra Booth taking a beautiful picture of this palm tree. And of course, the clouds in the distance. And look at that water.

So a little bit choppy on the surf since we do have a Southeast breeze. And right now, it is gusting over 20 miles per hour. Coral Gables beautiful sky cover almost clear out there when the sun was beginning to rise. Bill Silver, thank you for this beautiful photo. And now, some clouds are mixing in with the blue skies out there over Miami. Biscayne Bay looking so gorgeous. No advisories out there. So it's a good day to head out on the water seas around 2 to 3 feet. Temperatures warming up to the upper 70s, close to 80 degrees in Key West, where the breeze is up at 80 miles per hour.

So in general, we're seeing wind speeds right now, 10 to 15 miles per hour. If you're right along the coast or really close to the coast, it is gusting. And look at these wind gusts. Miami at 25 miles per hour, 20 for marathon, 21 mile per hour wind gusts in Homestead at the moment. No rain on radar. Satellite just a couple of fair weather clouds, but look at all this rain that is impacting the Gulf Coast between Louisiana out into the panhandle.

Look at that line of gusty and severe thunderstorms earlier this morning there were tornado watches in place. They expired at 8:00 AM. But still, these are certainly going to be an impact for the capital pretty soon, capital of Florida that is as this line continues to track towards the South and East. By tonight, 8:00 PM, it arrives into the Tampa area, Sarasota area and gets a little closer to Fort Myers.

What about us? Well, around this time, that's when we could have a chance for an isolated thunderstorm from Northern Broward up through Palm Beach County. Otherwise, the rest of the area will be quiet until late tonight in the Keys. Around 11:00 PM and midnight could have some storms. But the bigger day for storms is actually tomorrow.

So by 2:00 PM, we're going to have around of thunderstorms, which could potentially be strong to severe move through the area from 2:00 PM down through at least 5:00 PM. And then a second round in the evening. So Sunday tomorrow is going to be a stormy day. Here's a look at those weather impact levels. Giving it a moderate risk for those wind gusts associated with thunderstorms and lightning strikes. For now, the flooding at a slight risk. And at least for today, boaters, you should head out in the water tomorrow might not be a good day because we have those storms coming our way. Keith.